February Horoscopes

February 2015 Horoscopes I can’t see all these hearts around me without thinking of passion and the blood coursing through our veins. In Japan, it’s not your astrological sign that gets people talking – it’s your blood type!It is not uncommon for women…to even select a prospective husband based on his blood type. And maybe this year they will bring a new style of pick up line, “What’s your blood type baby?” That’s right you can tell a lot about a person by their blood type, drink this in! A’s are the Artistic types with strong core values many of whom are Vegetarians, But don’t squeeze the peaches too hard, they are quite sensitive. Best blood buddy is a type AB!
B’s, Hello there social butterfly. When you set your sights on someone or something, watch out!  Even when you regret a snap decision, you fly on to the next sweet flower and happily chill. You are very independent, but also love great company and relationships. Your best blood match is also AB.
AB’s, Your stunning looks and desire to have it all make for a feisty, fun filled and sensual life! You are drawn to the unusual and love adventure. You are high energy and love the night life. Good thing, you are a blood match for A, AB, B and O!
Oh O’s, The oldest blood type and by your thoughts the very best. You relish beauty and living comfortably. The world is your canvas and honor, devotion and truth are your understated color palette. Choose your blood tie wisely between another O and AB.  Have a sexy month! Teal Gray



With the Lunar North Node in Aries’ house of relationships,2015 will be a relevant year at the level of relationships, in which you’ll realize how important the other person is for you and you’ll look for ways to make the relationship work better. 
Things will not always be simple in this period, but they will eventually lead to a more satisfactory couple life. 
The first two decans in February will not be very exuberant for Aries people at the sentimental level, but they will incline especially towards meditation, privacy and maybe even towards solitude. It’ll be like catching your breath before thrusting yourself into the whirl. 
And there will really be an emotional whirl, which will begin on February 20th 2015, when both Venus, the planet of sensuality, and Mars, the planet of desire, will step into the sign of Aries, marking the debut of some very passionate weeks.
In February, favored activities for Aries will be the cultural-scientific ones, higher education, specializations, professional trips and initiatives that imply long distances, foreign countries or foreigners. 
The ruler of Aries’ house of work, Mercury, will insist on the joint effort, on teamwork or on procedures that regard large groups of people or are connected to organizations, social events, the public. In such circumstances, Arians will have the opportunity to become opinion leaders.
An older project might come back to attention. You’ll sometimes stagnate, change your mind or come back to some phases for adjustments etc., but on the whole you’ll make progress. Financially, the third decan of February will be the most active and fruitful. Aries is resilient by its nature but from time to time it has weak moments, like everybody. In February, the ruler of Aries’ house of diseases will be in its cycle of retrograde movement, which means that the period must be looked at with caution. You’d better avoid exhaustion and excesses and not venture into risky actions.


The first two decans of February could be very romantic to Taureans. Mars, the ruler of Taurus’ house of couple, will always be around Venus, the planet of love, sensuality, pleasures and harmony. 
It will be a good period to go out more together with your partner, to have fun with friends or make future plans. 
One topic that will interest Taureans all throughout February will be sexuality, an aspect which you can still work on in order to improve it: there still are unexplored ways, there still is room for communication in order to reach perfect communion. 
In the last decan of February, Taurus people will be more isolated or could be under an impression of loneliness or dissatisfaction. It’s not excluded that you have an unpleasant surprise at the sentimental level.
In February the Sun will be in Taurus’ house of career and status, a position which favors advancement, standing out, being in the center of attention and attracting admiration and positive appreciation. 
On the other hand, Venus and Mars will stimulate teamwork and will bring Taureans supporters and popularity.
February will have strong financial connotations for Taurus people. In the long run, until the end of 2017, the ruler of Taurus’ house of career will draw attention towards business, investments, various transactions. 
In the first quarter, the ruler of Taurus’ house of money, Mercury, will have a prolonged stay in Taurus’ house of career, showing either a mobilization of resources for improving or consolidating one’s position, or an orientation of purposes towards more profitable activities. 
In the first two decans of February Taurus people will be in a good shape and will have a lot of energy. 
You’ll have a very active interval, but which can be marked by haste, anxiousness, and a tendency towards risks and excesses, with all the consequences that can result from here, but also with some luck, which will protect you from complications. 


Located in Gemini’s house of couple for a few years ahead, Saturn will demand reliability and depth and will want to show you a realist picture of the relationship, which fits your inner needs as well as possible. 
In the first two decans of February, Venus, which is the planet of love and at the same time the ruler of Gemini’s house of passion, will be in the strongest and most prominent position possible, making your feelings and wishes acquire importance and prevail over reason. 
In addition, Venus will also be in the company of the fervent Mars. This configuration can create sentimental moments of unique charm and intensity. 
Beware, though, because excessive feelings can lead to critical moments as well! 
Information, communication and trips will be at the top of Gemini’s preoccupations all throughout February. 
It will be an excellent period for studies, research, writing, editing, publishing, conferences and interviews, trips, meetings, negotiations, and even for activities that require energy and skill.
All these domains are familiar to you, classifying under the innate talents of Gemini people, so you will definitely do your best, thus ensuring success. 
Venus and Mars, located precisely in Gemini’s house of career, will speak of ambition and competitiveness, but also of personal charm and social relationships, which can support advancement. 
The second and third decans of February will be the most successful for Geminians, and professional accomplishment will imply financial benefits also. 
The shape and mood of Gemini people will be on the rise. You’ll generally present well and you’ll be confident, optimistic and with a sense of humor. 
In the first decan of February you might get the impression that you won’t work with maximum efficiency, but this inconvenience will gradually disappear and the last decan will find you in a top shape. 
It is recommended, however, to avoid excesses, towards which you’ll now have a stronger inclination.


Cancer: The first two decans of February will not be very spectacular for Cancerians at the sentimental level, but rather quiet or without significant events. At a common level, it will be about routine and sharing responsibilities within the couple, and at a more elevated level, about cultural-spiritual search, about the shared wish to discover new horizons. It could also be about a romantic trip or taken for sentimental reasons. The last decan of February will be much more alert and more exciting for Cancerians. Venus (the planet of love) and Mars (the planet of passion) will enter Aries, a powerful area from where, together with the electrifying Uranus, will stimulate the ruler of Cancer’s house of couple. There will be adventure, changes, novelty, surprises and turning points! Your love & relationships horoscope for February can be better. Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus will be strategically located in Cancer’s vocational houses, creating a favorable current for career and money. In February, opportunities can appear at any time. (As Uranus is involved, the unexpected will reign.) The chances that will be offered to Cancerians in this period will imply the need for some changes or re-inventions, which you’ll have to summon up the courage for and make. If you acknowledge this tendency and make the changes willingly, you can get ahead; if you fight it, the changes will still happen, but they can be to your disadvantage. The period with the greatest potential for success for Cancerians, the most dynamic and the richest in possibilities, will be the third decan of February. All the factors that rule Cancer’s work, position, prestige and finances will be in powerful positions, ready for attack and for great conquests. Seize the opportunity! Some decrease of the physical energy could be noticed in the first part of February. Located in an obscure house, the Sun will be in opposition with the ruler of Cancer’s house of diseases. Don’t neglect your ailments (if you suffer from any) and do your best to lead a balanced and organized life! You are also recommended to have enough rest, to avoid sweets and fats, to exercise and to think positively. Be prudent as regards financial procedures, especially in the first part of the month.

Leo: Communication will remain essential to Leo’s sentimental life all throughout February. Influenced by Mercury, which will be in its cycle of retrograde movement, Leo’s sentimental life will be marked by discussions, debates, correspondence, messages etc. on various topics, among which some important, with old roots, that are looking for clarification. There will be trips to take and reunions to attend, there will be negotiations and a desire for changes or reorganization. The good signs, clarifications and solutions will start coming in the second decan of February. In general, in this period Leo’s interests will gravitate around relationships, and their life partner will play the starring role. You might, however, have the tendency of overthinking everything and of worrying too much. Money or friends can have an impact on Leo’s couple. In February the relationships with the others will be crucial for Leos. It will be about collaborations, contracts, relations with clients, counseling, group projects, etc. There might appear other forms of interaction, of the rivalry, competition or even litigation type. In the last decan of February Leos will have accomplishments related to studies, trips, cultural or spiritual activities. Money will be in the center of Leo’s preoccupations all throughout February for money you’ll form alliances, for money you might even have arguments. It’s still money that will mobilize you, it will be the real reason of your initiatives. You’ll think of purchasing, investing, taking out loans, etc., but if you want to have a profit, the decisions regarding money will need to be weighed carefully, without haste and especially in a very realistic manner. Two squares are in development: one between the subversive Pluto, located in Leo’s house of diseases, and the unpredictable Uranus; the second between Saturn, the ruler of Leo’s house of diseases, and the insidious Neptune. In conclusion, in 2015 you will not be allowed to lower your guard even if Jupiter, located in Leo, gives you energy and makes you feel strong. In February you are recommended to take care especially in the second half of the month. Avoid exaggerations and try to be more modest!
Venus and Mars will be in Virgo’s house of couple and Jupiter, the ruler of Virgo’s house of couple, will be in Leo and will be electrified by the trine with Uranus. Although it is the middle of winter, the first two decans of February will be hot for Virgos. Big storms, flows of passion, sheer craziness! Nothing can stop Virgos’ feelings, nothing can make them give up the struggle to reach the person they want. There will be no caution, no reason, nothing but instincts. Virgo’s motto for February will be “make it or break it!”. The stars will incline towards making it, but if you have a problematic birth chart, the option with breaking it is not excluded either. The last decan of February will be less passionate for Virgos, but will predispose them to an idealistic romanticism, which can be charming but rather misleading. The key words of February will begin with “c”: cooperation, collaboration, contracts, competition. You’ll interact with the others actively, you’ll start new partnerships or you’ll end some partnerships that didn’t please you. Because the Sun and Mercury, Virgo’s ruler, will be in Virgo’s house of work, you’ll be assigned important missions, you’ll have autonomy at work and most probably you’ll be captivated by what you do. However, there will come situations which will make you think harder of the way you organize your work and the aims towards which your ambition is going. You might resume an older project. You’ll earn satisfactorily, but you’ll spend accordingly. The last decan of February will be especially dynamic from the financial point of view for Virgos, but it can be risky so prudence is recommended. Health will be one of the issues that will come to Virgo’s attention in February. New problems might appear or some older ones might reactivate, but just as well you could find solutions also, especially in the second decan. February will also be significant as regards the organization of the lifestyle, the body care and the attention given to appearance and outfit. Try to behave in a more moderate and a more diplomatic way in your relationships!
Libra: In Libra’s house of couple will be the unpredictable Uranus, conjunct with the Lunar South Node. Some of the aspects that concern Uranus are good, others are stressful, a sign that in February you can expect anything without prior notice. What will happen to you will largely depend on you, so try to behave in a balanced and tactful way. The situation can completely go crazy in the last decan of February, when Venus and Mars join Uranus. In Libra’s house of passion will be the Sun and Mercury, and the latter will be retrograde until February 11th. Your sexual instinct will be strong, your emotions intense, but you’ll risk having exaggerated reactions or making wrong decisions. It is possible that older problems will come to the surface or that misunderstandings related to communication will occur. The Venus-Mars conjunction will animate Libra’s house of work in the first two decans of February 2015, and the Sun in the last decan. You’ll have an active, busy, pressing month, that will demand a lot from you. Fortunately, the work, although hard, can also be pleasant. And it can even be productive if you work systematically and in an organized way. You’ll benefit from circumstances that will favor you, you’ll know how to place yourself in the center of attention and in a good light. In the second decan of February you’ll seize any idea and you’ll excellently speculate any situation that seems tempting to you. Moreover, you’ll overflow with creativity. It will be an excellent period for Librans, especially for those who work in the domain of arts, entertainment, representation. After the 20th of February, caution when dealing with money! Libra’s house of diseases will be rather busy in February, therefore you might experience some unpleasant things (triggered especially by abuse and carelessness) or manifest genuine interest in health. It will be a good period for check-ups, appointments with the dentist and other initiatives concerning the good condition of the body. Give more time and more attention to the family!
Scorpio: February will be a great month for fun and sentimental affairs. In the first two decans, under the powerful influence of the Venus-Mars conjunction in Scorpio’s house of passion, you’ll live life fully and you’ll have sexual energy worthy of memorable adventures. You’ll express your instincts with a lot of strength, you’ll get rid of inhibitions, you’ll flirt with youthful eagerness, by no means will you allow your rivals to snatch your prey, and in the bedroom you’ll simply be a tornado that will amaze, enchant and exhaust your partner. For Scorpios, this period will especially encourage new love stories, passionate or free love, with no strings attached. The last decan of February will be under the romantic – and rather deceitful! – charm of the Sun-Neptune conjunction. With Jupiter in Scorpio’s house of career, Uranus in Scorpio’s house of work, and Saturn supporting both of them from Scorpio’s house of money,  you’ll impose, improve your image, climb to the top. In addition, your income will start to increase and if you manage it wisely, you can consolidate your financial situation. You’ll have to make efforts accondingly, though. Thus, February foreshadows to be productive for Scorpios, but busy and stressful. It will be a dynamic month, rich in initiatives and challenges, especially in the last decan. February will stimulate novelty, changes, modernization and it can bring you unexpected opportunities. In all this whirl, you’ll be like a soldier on a battlefield and nothing will prevent you from launching the assault on the objectives you have set for yourself. Scorpios will be in a great shape in the first two decans of February, with their batteries fully charged, with lust for action, with fast and precise reactions, full of adrenaline. The pressure will nevertheless be high. In the last decan, the pressure will even be very high, having the capacity to cause all sorts of glitches. Fix something around the house, change, repaint or redecorate!
Sagittarius: The first part of February will not abound in gallant offers for Sagittarius people. It’ll rather be a solitary period, in which you’ll cherish privacy; a period of analysis and evaluation, in which you’ll examine closely what expectations you have of your significant other and what you can offer in return, how important the current relationship is for you, etc. It is also possible that there will be situations which will bring the “best behaviour”, conservative tendencies face to face with great thirst for freedom and nonconformity. This thirst for freedom will take on proportions in the last decan of February, which will bring Uranus, Mars and Venus together in Sagittarius’ house of passion, in a configuration with colossal erotic potential. Love will be in the air and it could manifest in the most unexpected and surprising ways. In the first decan of February, Sagittarians will have to take a test that will assess their knowledge and capacity to find solutions. You might have the feeling that you are undergoing a blockage, that you have an obstacle in your way, but you’ll eventually win by intelligence and diplomatic negotiations. In the second part of the month you’ll evolve in a more relaxed way. Beyond proving intellectual capacity and communication skills, you’ll also prove amazing creativity. In addition to all this, the last decan of February will help you be in a favorable light, represent your interests excellently, show your talents, promote your brand. You could also make good money, but you’ll have the tendency of spending too much, on account of wanting to look and feel good. February 2014 doesn’t seem to pose health problems to Sagittarians. However, with Saturn in Sagittarius, your body might not benefit from the best resistance and, even if you think you’re in a great shape, excesses and imprudence can eventually have worse effects than other times – effects that might not visible from the beginning, but will gradually accumulate. Therefore, take it easy! Be careful what you say, what you promise, what you sign and what decisions you make in the first decan!
Capricorn: With Venus and Mars in Capricorn’s house of communication, eroticism will blossom in words. You’ll speak a lot with (or about) your loved one, you’ll write love notes, emails, text messages or even poetry! But, even though “first came the word”, you’ll have to get down to action as well! Be careful not to overdo it with words as they might end up replacing action! This is because Neptune, which is not very efficient, will be around Venus and Mars, too. Make a plan, use your persuasion capacity (which is second to none right now!) and bring your sentimental life to the level of facts. A long walk or even a short trip together would be welcome. On February 3rd-4th, and 7th, the Full Moon will amplify Capricorn’s emotions and can lead to a significant event at the sentimental level. February will be excellent for intellectual activities, training, acquisition of new knowledge and information, writing, editing, etc. You will also do well in exams or interviews. The key to Capricornians’ success in February will be communication. You’ll have an overwhelming capacity to persuade and you’ll send your messages with strength and glow, impressing your interlocutors. Success will also follow you if you deal in commerce or any other type of trading. You will also calculate and negotiate with ease, which will be very helpful in February when the Sun passes through Capricorn’s house of money, stimulating your financial and business initiatives. After a period of confusion at the beginning of the month, the money will start coming. Health will be one area in which things might not go very well in February. Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, will not be very well positioned and the ruler of Capricorn’s house of diseases will be retrograde in the first decan and will have already become tired from the previous month. You’ll have strong will, good morale, but you’ll need to spare your physical shape. Avoid exhaustion and take care of yourself in general. Use the energies of the last decan for dynamic actions concerning home, family and properties.
Aquarius: Jupiter will still be in Aquarius’ house of couple, generating great thirst for affection and wide availability so that, in your own turn, you can overwhelm your partner with affection. Jupiter will offer a lot, but at the same time will have high expectations of your partner as regards their behavior and the proofs of appreciation that they should offer. In the first two decans of February the Sun, which is also the ruler of Aquarius’ house of couple, will be right in Aquarius, a position from which it will radiate energy and magnetism, but which will highlight your egocentric nature and will make you believe you deserve even more attention than usual. You can be very happy in February, but for this you’ll have to have reasonable expectations and stop thinking you’re the center of the universe. With the Sun in transit through Aquarius, in the first two decans of February you’ll shine, the laurels will come to you and you’ll receive applause. You’ll have the attitude of a leader, you’ll ooze strength, confidence and competence, you’ll be assigned important tasks that will make you stand out. The key to Aquarius’ success in February energy, initiative and ingenuity, in combination with good social and professional networking. After the first decan, some relief will be felt, an obstacle that made your road difficult will be cleared. Since the active Mars and the lucky Venus are in Aquarius’ house of money, it is expected that you’ll have even more tangible results, meaning that you’ll benefit from a raise of the income. February will be excellent for money, as long as you are moderate and you don’t allow greed and waste to take control. You are likely to have virtually no problems. Physically, Aquarians will be in a very good shape and will have plenty of energy. You could, however, find it difficult to concentrate in the first decan of February, you could be a little more absent-minded, clumsy or experience some confusion in communication. But all these will be transient.
Pisces: With Venus and Mars in Pisces, the first two decans of February will overflow with emotional thrill. The Pisceans’ desire to win somebody’s affection, their power to seduce and their affective availability will be at their peaks, and the number of sentimental opportunities will grow. The feelings will be tumultuous, the desire will be strong and eager and will sometimes be expressed dramatically or excessively. The events, although exciting, can be bewildering. You’ll be ready to re-configure your life objectives according to the impulses of passion. February will have a huge erotic potential for Pisces. From the sentimental point of view, the first decan will be more complicated or unusual, because Mercury, the ruler of Pisces’ house of couple, will be retrograde. But the experiences you’ll have, although not exactly pleasant, will lead to raising awareness of a situation or settling one. Located in Pisces, Venus and Mars will lend you passion and dynamism in the first two decans of February. You’ll get very involved in what you’ll do, you’ll take the initiative, you’ll fight, strive. You’ll be energetic, determined and efficient. Sometimes your methods will be rash, aggressive or careless and you’ll tend to bite off more than you can chew. In spite of all this, you can be successful. But in order to reach your objectives, you’ll have to understand that you need lucidity, tact and strategy. In the last decan of February you’ll have the Sun in Pisces by your side, which promises glow and success. Still in the last decan, Venus and Mars will enter Pisces’ house of money, where from they can help you earn more, but also urge you to spend more. In the first decan it’s possible that there will be some mix-ups related to home or properties. You’ll overflow with vitality and you’ll have a live and optimist spirit, and a positive outlook. However, you’ll have an obvious inclination towards imprudence, haste and exaggeration, which can predispose you to conflicts and accidents. The extra energy Pisceans will benefit from in February will need to be used on exercise or other vigorous activities. Otherwise, it can lead to fever, inflammations, infections, rashes or painful crises, especially in the first part of the month. Try to force more discipline on you as regards thinking and taking action!