Focus [movie review]

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OK, this movie has been out since February so chances are you may have already seen it and if that’s the case you can agree with me that it is an amazing film! If you are a fan of my movie reviews then you also know I give pretty comprehensive reviews but I never give up so much of the movie that it ruins the 1st time watching experience. Its 2015 and this time around Will Smith is co-starred by the lovely Margot Robbie in the movie “Focus” in which both play the part of cold, calculated, (slightly awkward) career criminals. The film is set within the reality of  a modern day USA driven by ambition and greed, one where there seems to be sum sort of honor among thieves, brilliantly directed by Glen Ficcara & John Requa.

The movie wins by going into vivid detail describing the science of the Con Arts from a moderate perspective. Glen & John, the movie’s directors and writers do an excellent job of roping an all to eager audience into believing that crime can pay as long as you follow a few rules and trust the right thieves. Showing the evolution of relationship and the introduction of dynamic characters proves to convey a deeper insight into the reality of things. As the film progresses you will be taken on a tense ride with a very interesting conclusion waiting for you and the very end. I’ve seen this movie twice and found very few plot holes.

[I give this film an A-]