Food, Wine and Art: Who’s Who and YOU, Sat 5/3… I GOT YOU IN!

By Tessie Painter

Saturday May 5, 2014 from 7pm – 11pm:  Daren Martin Success Studios 2011 Cedar Springs #603 Dallas, Texas 75201

I cannot believe I pulled this off.  Yes!  It seemed like a crazy idea; and I did it for you!  One of my goals is for my readers to get to experience new and exciting things… to have access to the best of the best.  Private art exhibitions are among the most stimulating and exclusive things that happen in Dallas.  They are where the Who’s Who go!  I want my readers to have access to this.  So…. Dr. Daren Martin gave into my crazy request.  In his private residence, he is hosting a very exclusive art showing of Madi Pechacek’s watercolor on canvas.  And YOU CAN COME eat food and drink wine with those who regularly appreciate art.  You deserve this.  And after all of my hard work convincing Dr. Martin to welcome my readers to his home, I hope you will come.  Make me proud!  Dress like you are going to a fine restaurant; and devour art! There is nothing like really gazing… really looking at art… smelling the fresh canvas and paint… taking in the colors… not through your television or computer screen; but right in front of you.  You could touch it if you didn’t have manners.  It’s there to be devoured by your soul in a way that can only be experienced inches away from the expression of the artist. Local artist Madi Pechacek has created 20+ portraits of family members and significant people through history (watercolor on canvas).  We will be unveiling this incredible work and enjoying a wonderful night of wine and art with some of the coolest people in Dallas at the residence of Daren Martin. A graduate of UT Dallas, Madi has had a fascination with portraiture since shifting from photography to painting. Her portraits transcend the traditional style geared towards commemoration.  Instead Madi achieves a dreamy intimacy;  thanks to her years spent studying the human figure, and her unique wielding of the watercolor medium. I will be there with my photographer, Julia, interviewing Madi. RSVP:  Message me on FaceBook “TesinaPainter” or via email [email protected]

PLEASE READ. Important info for tonight. Park on street or at Ritz or Saint Ann’s valet and walk over! Bring a beverage of choice. 7pm start 2011 Cedar Springs #603. If no one is at downstairs door, call from box and I’ll buzz you in. You have 10 sec to hit elevator button. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU!

See you there!

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