From MTV’s “Wild’n Out” Karlous Miller talks the future of comedy with Jasmine

Karlous Miller

The Arlington Improve welcomed powerhouse comedian Karlous Miller. Miller is the self proclaimed “Only comedian out of Oxford Missippi” although in that tiny town he has few detractors from that statement. Miller will be appearing in the new season of Nick Kannon’s MTV series Wild’n Out. The funny man started his career in 2005 by moving to Atlanta and since then has appeared on MTV’s Yo Mama and was featured on the second season of Bill Bellamy’s 2008 series “Who’s got Jokes”. I personally remember him from the  criminally short lived “Hell Date” on BET where Karlous and other improv greats would trick un-suspecting daters into horrible and hilarious dating situations. The Stand up comedian as has appeared on dozens of radio shows and  worked with big names in comedy such as Katt Williams, Daniel Tosh and Mo’Nique

I sat down with Karlous and got the inside details on what its like to be a successful comedian, what makes for great humor and what’s up next for Wild’n Out  and BET’s comic view.

JE: So KarLous  where did you start –

KM: Well officially I started in 2005, well improve in 04 but it transitioned into stand up

J.E  do you see yourself doing movies? sketch comedy ?so what is your end vision for yourself whats the big dream?

KM: Ya know , i never had an end vision , I’m coming from Mississippi.  I never thought it was even  possible to make it this far! So many opportunities have come up  so its hard to decide on just  one direction at this point… I’m open to everything, sitcoms and movies theres really no limit.


JE: What are some opportunities you’re working on  as of right now?

KM: In the next few months my appearances on NBC’s last comic standing, comic view, and of course Wild N Out  will be coming out. Everyday working with Nick is a new opportunity,  everyday. It’s crazy especially with Comic View  i’m getting to be on the shows I grew up watching.


JE: Do you feel like comedy is back in fashion? in the 90’s and early 200 there were strong recognizable comedians and sit coms based around them for example D.L Hughley , The Wayans Bro? And for a while that kind of went to the side with entertainment more focused on reality TV, do you feel like a change has occurred  with big names such as Kevin Hart starring in films back to back. Would you say stand up is making a come back?

KM: I think people are really starting to see how important a daily laugh is. I don’t want to say that comedy has seasonS but the younger generation is taking the time to pick up stand up again. The younger generation is picking back up on what they loved as kids. I guess you can say everything has its season

JE: Do you think that this will lead to more scripted shows?

KM: Oh yeah I think television is demanding that (a resurgence in scripting television)you can sit down now and watch a whole season of your favorite show,  as opposed to waiting on one episode. The demand for  immediate entertainment is growing.

JE: With Youtube and technology today it’s easier than ever for someone to post a video and call themselves a comedian do you think that makes it easier or harder for up and coming comedians?

KM: I don’t think it makes it harder because theres’ a demand for different  things, I don’t think everybody is competing for the same spot, I think we all have the same opportunity.

JE:So is there a lot of camaraderie in comedy?

KM : no! Oh no! There is going to be a ton of competition, Everyone has a common goal; they think every opportunity is the next big thing.You could go to 20 auditions and everyone there thinks “this is it”


JE: Growing up was there ever that one person who pushed you or really suggested you go into comedy:

KM: There was never anyone who pushed me towards this but  I was always making people laugh whether I tried to or not. I started cultivating  how to make people laugh, it’s a defense mechanism I guess. I was just kinda an awkward person and I learned how to channel that into something.

JE:So recent studies have come out saying that comedians more likely to have psychotic tendencies, do you think there is any truth to that?

KM: (Laughs) of course! of course when you make someone laugh you made them do something it ‘s (laughter) is the only emotion people will give you freely theres JE: Wow so there’s a little power in that, right?

KM: Absolutely!  if you can make someone laugh you figure them out… ya know?you start feeding people individual funniness and jokes, and thats why people start gravitating toward there favorite comedians because there saying what they want to hear.

JE: For someone pursuing comedy is there ever a point where you can’t separate normal conversations and making up “material”? Do you start to look at every interaction as material?

KM : its like trying to breath the truth is funny. comedy to me is just point of view It’s just getting through life. with any kind of artist there is no separating it [art and life]

JE: How do you like Dallas?

KM: “I like texas as whole theres so much to see, so many different areas, where I’m from  is like a box, I’ve really been enjoying my stay here. eating what the locals eat.  Doing what they do!


JE: Do you ever wonder if your  comedy is offensive? : As a comedian I don’t care! when you creating anything you call it art you’re not trying  cater your creation to other people. I know everyones not gonna like that…. But people should  do something about it! Create something else instead of getting upset! Do something about being offended.

JE:So if fans or people curious about you want to find you online where would they go?

KM: I don’t have website, I choose to use the free social networking, it’s faster. You can  youtube Karlous Miller… Ha that’s actually where they get lost usually because people can’t spell it

JE Is that your real name?

KM: yep its my real name

JE: That’s interesting!

KM: See why make up something when you have a name thats interesting.

JE: Last question, what is next for you; you’ve got comic view, Wildn’ Out, Last comic standing but whats next?

KM: the door is wide open, I freeball the whole thing I just work and try to be prepared for the opportunities as they come. I’m doing some work out of the country in kuwait and a few other places but like I said I’m open.

JE:Okay I lied to you, I have one last question who are your favorite comics ?

KM: [exhales air] naw I can’t that’s impossible!

JE:c’mon just name 3 no ranking  no favorites just who’s work do you really enjoy.

KM; ok  Chris Rock  Eddie Murphy and  Kevin  Hart.

JE: Wow you didn’t say Richard Pryor?

KM: See I’ve never put RIchard in that box, he’s the holy grail! You don’t have comedy the way you do today without him. I grew up listening to them ridge around.

JE: Any last words, parting thoughts for our Dallas Entertainment journal Readers.

KM:I wish people would stop taking things so serious and take things as they are, Enjoy life and be more open minded.

Jasmine Ellis