GiGi Erneta in Happy Death Day 2U!

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than to go see “Happy Death Day 2 U”, with Texas resident GiGi Erneta. The film opened in theaters this week! 

Pennie Painter interviewed GiGi recently. (We’ll post the full interview soon.) The two ladies met at Wild Salsa, a favorite Mexican food restaurant in downtown Dallas. The aqua frescas were amazing!

Pennie and GiGi talked about the fact that GiGi was in the first “Happy Death Day” film and enjoyed being in the sequel. She has a re-curring role as JoJo Weaver on VEEP and plays Texas Rancher Kelly Evert on the new show “Sons of Thunder”. She’s also played an attorney on “American Crime”, “Nashville” and “Jane the Virgin”; and a news reporter in “NCSI New Orleans” and “Queen of the South”. Her classy, clean high-end look, showed her off as a Doctor Grace Park in the film “When The Bough Breaks” and Judge Hill in “Evan’s Crime”. Evolving from scream queen to doctor, reporter, lawyer and judge, GiGi demonstrates vast artistic breadth. 

But wait, there’s more!

GiGi is really interested in working on faith based films. We will be hearing about these soon. Until then, check her out at:

IMDB, FaceBook, Instagram,

and the trailer for “Happy Death Day 2U

By Tessie Painter and Pennie Painter

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GIgi Erneta and Pennie Painter
GiGi with Kolby Meshack of Wild Salsa
Your seat is waiting…