Global Education Company Founder Writes Supernatural Mystery Series for Teens

Global Education Company Founder Writes Supernatural Mystery Series for Teens

Author and Artist Lucille Samuels Introduces the World to “Phoebe Douse”

DALLAS, TX. (Aug. 26, 2019) – Traveler and operator of a global education company, Lucille Samuels has worked and lived all over the world. In her debut young adult mystery novel, Samuels provides young readers with stories that take them on mysterious adventures, through different countries, while learning about valuing culture, friendship and self-assurance.

In “Phoebe Douse: Secret Society for Special Abilities and Artefacts (S3A2),” Samuels introduces readers to a Texas teen with special abilities, in her first of a series of young adult novels.

“The foundation of these stories are built on history, culture, personal experiences and underscores that everyone has a special ability, if they are open to discovering them,” Samuels said.

Samuels runs a company dedicated to global education and formerly worked at UNESCO Geneva and Paris, focusing on educational and human rights, globally. A Texas native, she holds dual citizenship in the U.S. and Jamaica, and has worked with international students at the University of Edinburgh Student Association, as well as taught in Spain.

“I want readers, especially young people, to feel assured about who they are,” Samuels said. “Finding friendships and building trust is a journey. There is a place and a tribe for all of us.” 

“Phoebe Douse”

By L. Samuels

ISBN: 978-1-7322846-6-1

Available at Valued Educational Services, LLC

About the author

Lucille Samuels grew up in Texas and appreciated the valuable lessons she learned throughout her childhood. She spent summers traveling or studying abroad, enjoying the wonderful cultures and places of different people and lands. She holds dual citizenship with both the U.S. and Jamaica and speaks three languages. Samuels graduated with a PhD in Education from the University of Edinburgh in 2016, and completed her first novel in 2018, as illustrator and author. She spends her time between Dallas and Geneva, operating a global education company, writing, and illustrating. She loves to travel, be with family, dance and hike.

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