GrapeFest Recap Part II

We went back to GrapeFest again Friday, this time greeted by colder, 64 degree windy and rainy weather.  The vibe was still the same however, everyone was relaxing, tasting wines, listening to music, tasting the unique foods, and enjoying the festivities.  This time we decided to try a variety of more foods and try to find some with a good serving size.  I enjoyed the burrito from Burritos Locos, cheesecake on a stick, and a taste of the cream cheese brownie from Bartley’s BBQ and extra long corny dog.  I was surprised to get a large piece of cheesecake and then be able to watch it being dipped in chocolate at Jim and Lor’s Candy Store.  I also got to choose a topping- they have sprinkles, peanuts, and walnuts available.

After trying the foods, we listened to and watched more performances.  The California jazz band Tizer was great as well as country singers Shane Lee and Chaz Marie.  On our way back to the main stage, we were invited to come into the Grapevine Opry to see one of the shows.  We saw a show that took a musical journey from the  ’50s to ’80s.  It was nice to go inside and see the performers sing, dance, and dress up to re-enact popular songs of each decade.  Our night ended with a superb performance from David Cook in the misting rain.  The crowd was loud and excited to see and hear his songs.  In the middle of the set, Kira, a fan from the crowd, was invited to dance on stage in a dance competition with one of David’s friends during one of his songs.  A little while after the song started, another fan jumped on stage and started dancing close to David which, was amusing.  The fan got escorted off the stage and in the end, Kira won the contest and was given a group hug as the prize.

Well, my GrapeFest adventure ends here and there is still so much more that I could have experienced (more wines).  If you still haven’t gone, you have one more day.  GrapeFest is open from 11am to 6 pm today.  Tickets are $8 for adults, $5 for children and seniors, free for children 5 or younger.  More information can be found here:


Photos by Mike and Mia