Greenville, Texas Theater Showcases the Stars

Barbara Horan, owner of The Texan Theater in Greenville, knows that her venue is special. That’s exactly what she envisioned when she started. And the visionary works hard along with her team, to make sure that guests on stage and in the audience have an extraordinary time. Part of that experience means paying one ticket price, which includes the show, a full four course meal, close parking, table service and gratuities. Attendees are also treated to Horan’s incredible hospitality. “I want everyone in attendance to feel like a guest in my house,” she says.

So it would make sense that part of Horan’s inspiration for taking on the theater project was Johnny Carson. She loved that the TV host could talk to anyone he wanted and guests were made to feel right at home. “Johnny would make everyone feel welcomed and comfortable. That’s what I strive to do, and then we have conversations with some really interesting performers.”

Built in the late 1800’s, with only a short break in the 20’s for a reconfiguration, the theater stayed in business until the 1970’s. Horan grew up seeing films at the venue and had fond memories of the place. Although she’d been living in Austin since highschool, she decided to buy the building in 2010; and oversee renovations.

Four years later, Horan was hosting some of the most recognizable names in entertainment. Guests have included John Schneider, John Anderson, Quiet Riot, Rick Springfield, Barbara Eden, and so many more.  Horan says, “We’ve had a lot of amazing talent perform on our stage; and we want to keep sharing that magic with others.”

The performance lineup for the Texan Theater in September includes singers Tiffany, Sylvia and Mark Wills. Comedian Bill Engvall will give two performances and audiences will also be treated to a conversation with Bret Micheals. For dates and ticket information, visit:

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