Guns and Roses Boutique takes over Dallas

It often takes a while to get established here in the city of Dallas as a business woman, but not so much for the fashion extraordinaire herself, Princess/Owner of Guns and Roses Boutique downtown Dallas.

Celebrating Guns and Roses one year anniversary, Dallas Entertainment Journal decided to stop by before capturing the 1st quarter INVITE ONLY EXCLUSIVE FASHION SHOW, to get a sneak peek of what will be hitting the runway.
There are two ways to capture a true Boss Diva and that’s being a boss at all times behind the scenes and leading her team to the top. Princess started out with a women’s clothing store in California called “Lipstick Boutique”, but men they wanted to enjoy the bliss of being able to come in and find what they wanted. Princess came up with an analogy of “Guns and Roses” (men and women).

The creation of the store comes from within. “I took a little bit of me inside of each portion of the store”, stated Princess. I specialize in buying all over such as Milan and New York City. “Yes that’s hot, no that’s not”. Guns and Roses does work with some of the local designers here in the city for custom pieces only but, Princess shops all over to bring you exclusive fashions such as: Lady Vampire, Robin jeans, and Ron Bass just to name a few.

With a show room at Starwood Motors full of Bentley’s, Maserati, monster trucks, and Lamborghinis not to mention a red carpet runway. Hulk’s Entertainment recording artist very own Ashley Kimbrae opened the all exclusive fashion show up, acapella. It seems Princess Owner of Guns and Roses Boutique has definitely put her trademark in the fashion industry.
The models hit the red carpet runway with more than personality, but with nothing less than high fashion hair and makeup. As the models posed as mannequins you couldn’t help but imagine how exquisite they looked.

The energy was breathtaking as attendees such as: Willie/Runway Coach/Stylist, along with Krave Magazine were amazed at the fashions. Big HUD with RBC records, Mic Moodswing with Hulk Entertainment, Tracey Moore with Born Starz, Mesha 08 with Tickled Pink Event Planning, Pink Lucy/Celebrity fashion designer, Bdonnas Shoes, Publicist Nina Z, and a host of models, media, and fashion bloggers.

Guns N Roses built their fashion show around one of the most influential women to date Beyoncé’ Knowles-Carter. It was the fashion show of a lifetime the dancers performed like roses and let their guns out on the runway.
Princess hard work is definitely paving the way for new fashions in the industry .A woman who goes to open closed doors for Slim Thug. In-house meet and greets for Romeo Miller and Stalley of May Bach Music group just to name a few, it’s no wonder you can find Guns and Roses all over.

To learn more about Princess and Guns and Roses Boutique stay updated by following her on Instagram @GunsandRoses you can also Facebook Guns and Roses.

Stay tuned to the Dallas Entertainment Journal for the latest! Who knows where we will be next.

-Lips of Ebony J