GYMGUYZ Celebrates National Women’s Fitness Day

GYMGUYZ Celebrates National Women’s Fitness Day

At GYMGUYZ Far North Dallas, we are all about great training and exceptional convenience for our clients.  We bring the gym to the client! We train clients at the location and time of their choosing (home, office, local park, etc.).  Our programs are highly customized and creative, inspiring clients to reach and surpass their training goals.

As the owner of GYMGUYZ, I realize that fitness is so much more than building muscle, running faster, or performing better in a given activity or sport.  Fitness is all about enhancing the life experience and improving our everyday quality of life. Some of the biggest rewards with a fitness program include improvement in overall health & mental outlook, higher energy levels, and more enjoyment in our everyday activities.

Why do you support NWFD?

Physical activity is so important! Fitness programs and education need to be available for everyone, and the efforts of NWFD are invaluable to better promote the many benefits of physical activity.  As women age, it is even more important to engage in activities to keep the bones and muscles strong to combat the effects of aging. Ongoing physical activity decreases risk of disease and improves mental outlook – directly increasing the enjoyment of life!  GYMGUYZ supports all the many efforts of NWFD.

How can local DFW women get involved?

Women in the DFW area can get involved and participate at one of the many NWFD events on Sept 25th.  These events will offer exercise sessions, health screenings and more.  And, for those too busy to attend one of the planned events… they should plan to take a few minutes that day to do a physical activity that they enjoy such as walking, dancing, yoga – whatever they enjoy!

How do you intend to keep the National Women’s Fitness Day momentum going?

At GYMGUYZ, we will continue to encourage women of all ages to take control of their health and make the time for regular physical activity.  The benefits are very powerful – we see it firsthand each and every day. Fitness should be fun…. and if you make it fun, significant improvements in health and wellness will definitely follow.

Fall Health Tips 

1.  A good way to stay in shape this fall is to get outdoors! Take advantage of autumn’s cooler temps and change things up. Hit the trails at a nearby park, the track at a local school or the lake.  Be creative and use your surroundings, like a park bench for instance to perform step ups or dips.

2. Some of my favorite local places to work on my fitness are outdoor spaces like Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano and Little Elm Park on Lake Lewisville. The nature preserve offers great trails, scenic views and plenty of wild life to keep things interesting! Lake Lewisville is a great spot for swimming, kayaking and my favorite, paddle boarding! 

3.  One of the biggest tips that I can share with any one is to speak positively to yourself and about yourself.  Turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts. For example, any time you think you can’t do something, tell yourself you can. Positive self-talk is key to succeeding at any fitness or life goals!

What are some fun upcoming events?

GYMGUYZ will be conducting FREE circuit training sessions at Fabletics (Legacy West – Plano) on Saturday, November 2nd, and Saturday, December 7th.   This is a great way to check out what we do, and have fun doing it!  

I also invite everyone to try GYMGUYZ out for a FREE one-hour one-on-one session to experience first-hand our customized & creative fitness program and the benefits we could make in their lives.

Where can people follow you?

People can find out more about us on our website

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