Happening in Dallas: Mark Curry At The Addison Improv!

    Happening in Dallas- Mark Curry at the Addison Improv 
    Last night DE-J was on the scene at the Addison improv for the early show with Comedy Icon Mark Curry, the comedian best known for his successful Prime Time TV show Hanging with Mr. Cooper brought us a high energy performance and a true sense of connection to his fans. He started the night by coming by the tables and shaking hands with everyone he could including yours truly,Curry is exactly what you would expect goofy, lanky and approachable. The Addison improv is the perfect spot for a performer like Curry where he can cut loose and get very intimate with fans, after shaking hands he disappeared into his green room moments later the feature comic hit the stage Lukas Seely the LA based comic mused about growing up in Montana as the only Asian family and made some hilarious anecdotes on relationships and his past dreams of NFL stardom. After Seely warmed the crowd up Curry burst on to the stage, pausing to dance on a nearby table of course. And right into his dry with a train of energy and wit that did not stop until the show ended. Speaking on a series of topics from his hilarious take down of starbucks and his tongue and Cheek advice for dealing with the police “I just bring my own handcuffs and pass out on the steering wheel he kept the audience hanging on his every word. To close his set he invited the birthdays and anniversaries on to the stage and asked them the seemingly simple question “when was the last time you danced” participants young and old all gazed off shyly and before they knew it Curry made them
    Dance! Mark summarized his performance for one Timid woman
    “I’m a different kind of comedian” our thoughts exactly! If you want to enjoy the laughs and surprises yourself reserve a table by visiting http://addison.comedyreservations.com/