Happening in DFW: Valentines/Anti Valentines Comedy Show and Charity Toydrive!

February 14th comes along once a year and brings candy, flowers and fun… for some!for the single, separated or sing..ish among us V-day can be a very different experience . Maybe your choosing to focus on you or maybe you just started seeing someone and want to avoid the high pressure and high cost nonsense associated with valentines day you could even be over the holiday altogether and be one of those “I’m romantic all year types” ( although to be honest people who say that aren’t romantic at all) either way if your opting out of candlelight dinners and want to do something fun and out of the ordinary I’ve got a great event for you; A valentines Comedy show and Toydrive

1.) Laugh  until you cry at the Anti Valentines Day Comedy Show and Toy Drive – Taste of the Islands 909 W Spring Creek Pkwy, Plano, TX ‎  Cross Creek Village  (972) 517-5900 ()  tasteoftheislands.net.

Comedian Jeff Stachowski  presents the Friday night line up, This always funny always free show is going to be a huge hit with some of DFW’s freshest faces in the comedy scene comedian Diane Michelle will MC the event introducing Carolyn Breznik,  Tim Edwards and Jasmine Ellis You can see video from Edwards set at the Arlington improve here talking about the ever appropriate “trust issues”  and check out his website http://timedwardscomedy.com/ . Check out out Jeff’s “Last Chance at love” This is just  a taste of what you’ll see at Taste of the Islands so get there early show starts at 8PM

Jeff Stachowski- Last Chance at Love


The Comedy show is presented by JasmineEMedia and will also serve as a Toy Drive Donation stand for the Care Ministries Organization. Care Ministries has reached out to Stachowski and Taste of the Islands to provide comedy goers with an opportunity to honor a young girl tragically lost in Plano Texas  if you are interested in getting involved with this cause check out the Fundraiser for the family of Gracie Ford at https://www.facebook.com/events/201932776670711/

A quote from “Debbie” a family friend “We will be collecting toys to donate to Care Center Ministries. This non-profit organization is close to Gracie’s Mom’s heart. Care Center works with children who live in poverty in Dallas. All toys collected along with some of Gracie’s toys will be donated directly to Care Center. Gracie is a sharing and caring girl and would want to help kids who do not have much of anything.”

Any questions, contact Debbie: lilangelnblu@yahoo.com





But if you’d rather mope at home there’s always this gem