Happy Squeaking Over a Glass of Wine

Grammy nominated Jazz Musician, Dr. Mike Bogle, put on quite the show Friday night at the Stoney’s Wine Lounge, in uptown Dallas. Mike is a long-time veteran of the music industry and a beloved professor at Cedar Valley College, in Lancaster, TX. Dr. Bogle is the Director of the Commercial Music Program at CVC and gives his all to his students while on campus. But off campus, Bogle is an amazing and skilled performing artist, skilled in playing numerous instruments and singing cabaret style vocals.

The charming and quaint atmosphere of the Wine Lounge was the perfect place for his band, the Mike Bogle Trio, to debut their newest release, Let There Be Light. This newest release boasts the sounds of Latin-influenced Contemporary Jazz at its finest. Blending piano, trombone, vocals, vibraphone, steel pan, bass and drums; it brings to life beautiful melodies and engaging, funky rhythms. Dr. Mike Bogle not only produced this album, but also plays piano, trombone, and synthesizers, all while being the featured vocalist! Let There Be Light also features Buddy Mohmed on bass, Harrell Bosarge on drums, Dana Sudborough on vibes, and Andy Barrus on steel pan and percussion.

My favorite part of the show was watching Mike’s fingers glide across the keys like baby oil being poured down someone’s back. He makes it look so effortless. There to support him were his parents, Bill and Margaret Bogle, and his beautiful wife, Lona. She beamed with joy as her husband dedicated the last song of the night to her, a piece called Happy Squeak.

Be sure to check out Dr. Mike Bogle on social media. Let There Be Light, as well as all his previous releases, can be found on CD Baby and online music distributors everywhere. 


by SouLah the Legend (aka Dr. Intimacy)

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