Haunted Hill House Mineral Wells

The walls do talk in this 128-year-old home. Home of emotions, entities, suicides, murders, maniacs, dark magic, and love. Yes, love.
There is an unmistakable love and protectiveness by Katherine and Sonny Estes to the spirits of their newly acquired property.

Built in 1890 by Fanny Yeager Kyle in Downtown Mineral Wells, looms the much talked about Haunted Hill House. They want to preserve the rich history and explore the unknown in a serious manner, so they set it up as a Paranormal Research Center. The house is wired with cameras to investigate every room, and the grounds 24/7.
No need to wait for a dark and stormy night to book a visit. It is a very active location and the spirits are not shy. Paranormal Investigators, and those just looking for thrills will not be disappointed! However, you might get more than you bargained for. The two-story historic home is layered with activity. All four of the classic hauntings are present. Intelligent, Residual, Poltergeist, and several truly evil, possible Demonic entities, as well as visiting spirits from the Baker Hotel.
I believe the high level of paranormal activity is due to the history of the property. As the sun sets, the shadows fall onto the house from the historic 14 story, Baker Hotel just 150 feet away. Now set to be revived to it’s former glory of 1929. It opened just weeks after the crash in the stock market. Even the Great Depression didn’t keep the hotel down. Celebrities of the day like Lawrence Welk, Lyndon Johnson, Pat Boone, Jack Dempsey, Marlene Dietrich Guy Lombardo, Clark Gable, Judy Garland, Bonnie and Clyde and many more stayed there. Maybe even after death.

Mineral Wells is legendary for the healing properties of the mineral water, but stronger offerings flowed from Hill House. Supplying all the vices under one roof to the guests of the Hotel, and the town. Bootleggers, prostitutes, card sharks and killers have all called Hill House home. But so, have some very dear children, who will surely greet you in their own ways in the Carousel Room.
The bold visitor might take time to sit and deal a hand of cards with the long dead in the Scratcher Room.
I was an honored guest last weekend, and one of the most interesting experiences occurred at 4:00 am. I was just settling into my bed in the Ax Room. Yes, that’s what I said. The ominous ax was in the dresser just by my bed. Four others were in other rooms asleep. I heard very clearly in my right ear, “shush, shush, shush.” The odd thing was I didn’t really feel like they were telling me to hush. I knew it was something else but couldn’t place it. 7:00am came quickly with a commotion in the room across the hall. Kara Davis and Lisa McGayghy were being grabbed by the waist and ankle, as a toy car rolled across the floor far from anyone’s reach.
As everyone gathered in the kitchen with the owners to go over the night, I got my answer to the shushing’s. The story goes, it was an eerie silence when they walked into the house one day. All they heard was a shush, shush, shush sound of the swaying rope with body of young girl hanging from the rafter around the rooms we stayed in.
Here are the favorite stories from my fellow investigators.
Haunted Hill House – Teal Gray Event

The Hill House is an amazing property full of historical value to the community. I wasn’t sure what to expect for the investigation, but the spirits in residence were very happy we were there. The abundant energy and joy of the guests in attendance made the evening even better. We had some very good activity throughout the night. I was inside with three others and I was showing them the dousing rods can point you to where you need to go. The rods pointed for us to go outside. When we got outside the rods pointed for us to go to the RV.         The shadow man has been seen in the RV by the owners. I said out loud that we would not be going into the RV. Then as I walked past the RV I heard the door latch pop and the door flung open. I of course had to go inside to make sure there was nobody in there. The RV was empty, and I did check the latch on the door it was very stable, and it was hard to open. All I could say was, ” Well played shadow man.” He in fact got me to go in the RV. The owners showed the greatest hospitality to us and the guests. I cannot wait to investigate the property again.
– Susan Hill

We were invited to speak and then help with an investigative event at the Haunted Hill House in Mineral Wells, TX on Saturday July 20, 2018. When we arrived, we were greeted by the owners Kathy and Sonny who were extremely welcoming and even invited us to spend the night in the house after the investigation was over. We began the night with Teal Gray explaining about different hauntings and     I was asked to explain about which equipment I like to use. Then we split up into teams and began investigating, the attendees were very open and respectful to the spirits and to us. We were able to get some voices and even answers to questions on the Portal which is a device created by Steve Huff that uses an external speaker and an app which works as a spirit box. It uses sweeping radio signals that encourages spirits to use to speak and the voices are heard through the speaker. I was in what is called the Scratcher Room because there is supposed to be a spirit in the room that scratches people and as a matter of fact during set up one of our team members was scratched. I was never scratched, but during the Portal session an attendee came in the room and wanted to see if she could reach any of her family members and one spirits did say her name a few times which was exciting. We also heard someone say, “Love you.” Later in the evening we tried using the voice recorder and on video there several large, bright and slow-moving orbs around us, but we got no EVPs. There was a candle in the room would get brighter, then would flicker fast like there was wind in the room., but there was no wind in the room. After the event was over I stayed in the Shadow Man Room which is so named because there is a shadow man seen in the room a lot. There are reports of the closet opening on its own, blankets get pulled off people and people get their hair stroked. Unfortunately, I had none of those things happen to me, it was very quiet, and I slept very well. Overall the event was a great success and we had a wonderful time at the Haunted Hill House.
– Jamie Mose

I was so excited to be invited back as a paranormal investigator to the Haunted Hill House in Mineral Wells. The excitement doubled when the invite came from Teal L. Gray with news there was a new owner. New owners generally remodel, and remodel always produces increases in activity. I was not disappointed.
My favorite and funniest paranormal interaction occurred in the upstairs dormer room facing the front yard. Two attendees and I headed upstairs with a Parascope, a portal, several communication apps and software. We were a group of three; two blondes and a brunette. Hair color seems to be a trigger when prostitution is part of the history of a location and the Haunted Hill House was no different. We arranged ourselves on the far end of the room closest to the window to take advantage of the full range of unblocked view into the room, the hallway and into another room. The blonde was to my left and the brunette was in front of me and slightly to my left. (I am the second blonde). The blonde to my left commented that she was feeling a chill move from her left side across her back and to her right side. As she finished this statement, I could feel the chill move from her right side to fill the space between us and my left side was noticeably cooler. Within a couple of seconds, I had chill bumps and turned on my flashlight to verify. Chill bumps covered my arm, upper leg, and down to my ankle. The blonde’s right side also was covered with chill bumps. I asked if the spirit talking to us preferred blondes. Immediately, through the portal, we heard “Yeeesss” in an accented voice. All three of us are laughing at the response. The same male accented voice laughs too. Easily one of the funniest interactions ever. It wasn’t the last paranormal experience that evening. Looking forward to going back.
-Georgina Holzmeier

Don’t worry, more stories from this amazing house will be featured in my upcoming book:
The Paranormal Investigator’s Trail Guide. Everything living, or dead leaves a trail!

Ready to book your adventure at Haunted Hill house?
The House is now available overnight for Paranormal Investigation groups weekends, all year round. Also, overnight stays for private groups.https://www.hauntedhillhouse.com/booking-calender-and-special-events.html
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Don’t forget to leave the lights on!
Teal Gray