Have a Lake Day at Sneaky Pete’s

Written by: Jackson Young


It’s that time of the year again. Ya know, when the heat starts to boil the mercury in the thermostat. So before you reach your “boiling point,” check out Sneaky Pete’s right off of 35N on the edge of Lake Lewisville.


2 Eagle Point Drive Lewisville, TX 75077


This place has everything you need for the turn up or turn down.  In the inside you can sit in a cool environment and enjoy good food and drinks, or take it outside to the gazebo bar. Sneaky Pete’s also has a giant pool deck, sand volleyball courts, plenty of outdoor seating, and occasionally live bands.


This is the perfect place to go if you need some wet and wild fun. And if you really want to enjoy the lake there are plenty of boat and Jet Ski rental shops located here. What other place can you eat, drink, play, fish, listen to music, and swim all at one great location? So next before blasting your a/c or chugging all the juice from the Icee to keep cool, check out this spot as an alternative.