Horoscopes and Insights for August by Teal Gray

Aries –March 21st – April 20– Fire Sign
Get ready for a sexy month ahead! The planets have aligned to make your romantic life active and interesting this month. There will be opportunities for you to find love, enjoy the pleasures of the senses and to feel happy.
Brighter shades of blues and greens suit you this month.
You’ll focus on professional objectives as well as money.
You seem to be very determined in all you do this month, which is good, but just don’t rush in, act strategically.
Think long and hard before taking financial risks, launching into investments and taking out loans!
You’ll have a lot of energy. You’ve recently started a period of approximately one year in which you’ll benefit from being more physical, so try a new sport this month.

Taurus-April 21st – May 21–Earth Sign
August is a month that needs to be approached cautiously. Stay away from inflexible attitudes, conflicts or other unwanted events. It is not a good month to start a new relationship. Taurus partners will need to be very understanding this month.
Contracts and agreements will need some extra patience and tact. Rivalry or conflicts will not be excluded. However, you can rely on your family (parents, relatives) in everything you’ll set out to do, who will be able to help you with work or support you financially.
Recharging your body with energy by contact with nature will be recommended that you don’t miss any opportunity of going to the mountains or to the seaside, of relaxing somewhere in the countryside, or of spending several hours in a park or a garden.
Stay away from conflicting situations or aggressive people, though!
Redecorate your home and workspace with a pop of color, try orange for a change. Throw a party with your family and friends.

Gemini-May 21-June 21 -Air Sign
Communication is key for you this month so keep focused on your words and how you say them.
White and blends of yellow and light green boost your sign this month.
You’ll be attracted to people that you share your opinions; relationships will involve an intense exchange of walks, dates or even trips. There will be chances for you to meet somebody that will mean a lot to you. You’ll have a huge capacity to persuade and you’ll be able to negotiate almost anything to your advantage. Plan your work thoroughly so that you can avoid feeling tired and overloaded.

Cancer- June 22-July 22- Water Sign
Venus will generously lend you charm and the power to seduce this month. Deep shades of color will suit you well this month.  Your cheerful and affectionate mood will make everything seem easier, and more harmonious as regards to love, marriage, and social relationships
There will be opportunities to raise your income, and find new sources of earning money. However, your tendency to spend will also increase so careful there.
If you’re interested in sports, this will be a great time for you to reach new fitness and sport goals.

Leo-  July 23-August 22 – Fire Sign
August brings you optimism, enthusiasm, energy, with a lot of sexual vigor and lust for adventure.
The happiest period for Leos will start on the 12th when Venus itself, the planet of love, will step into the sign of Leo, bringing sensuality and good luck with love.
This month through the next 12 months, are considered to be among the luckiest times you have had in years. You will be able to do anything and reach all your goals.
You’ll be very active, in an exceptionally good mood and you’ll seem to have resources of endless energy.
There’ll be indeed some stress related to the family, parents or siblings, but no trouble can last as long as you have Jupiter by your side.
This is your month, every color is your lucky color, but red is always best!

Virgo-August 23-September 22 – Earth Sign
The first part of August will favor socialization, parties, and get-togethers with friends, involvement with the work of an organization, participation in shows, conferences get togethers in general.
All this creates an environment for the birth of new love! A friend can play the role of the mediator or advisor for the matters of a sentimental nature.
The second part of August will be more delicate relating to disappointments. However, hidden, secret happiness is possible if you just stay open to new possibilities.
Take the first part of the month a little easier and get ready for an active time in your life coming up.
Virgos will consume a lot of energy with intellectual activities, and you receive discreet, unexpected support.
Avoid harsh replies and keep the critical remarks to yourself, you’ll be glad you kept your cool later.
Greys and greens are your comfort colors this month.

Libra-September 23-October 22 – Air Sign
Black, pink, white, blue and brown mix to match your good fortune this month.
New love is a real possibility, and a chance meeting could lead to more!
This is an excellent period for popularity and support. You’ll have an amazing capacity to capture everyone’s attention, to bring the others in your projects, to find supporters and collaborators.
Work partnerships and group effort will be the main coordinates of August for Libra people. There’s a big chance that new projects or new contracts appear.
Librans will be in a very good shape, both physically and psychically.
You’ll have a lot of energy, you’ll radiate optimism and a good mood, and you’ll be the center of the attention for your group of friends.
Meet as many people as possible, and make new friends!

Scorpio-OCTOBER 23-November 21-Water Sign
Put a pop of color to your wardrobe this month. Try peach or purple. Enjoy yourself as August will be a beautiful month for Scorpio people in the relationships department!
Romantic trips and long-distance relationships (or relationships with somebody that has come from a distance) will be favored.
Finally, things will start moving. And they will move well and usefully!
Your career will be lucky, and there will be success in your finances.
Try to relax, to be more flexible and not to push things too hard.

Sagittarius-November 22-December 21 Fire Sign
Distance will play an important role in developing relationships in August. It could be about somebody who lives in a different city, and the affair is born online or developes there with long calls and lots of texts.
You have probably already started feeling impulsive and make more moves on your own.
Venus, the ruler of Sagittarius’ is in your house of diseases, avoid excesses and risks!
Finances are not what you hoped for this month. Unexpected repairs pop up, and you have been on a spending frenzy not expecting them.
You are in a mood set to browns and dark blue.
No matter what happens you take it in stride, focusing mainly on your romance department.

Capricorn- December 22-January 19- Earth Sign
This month shine with gold and silver tones.
Harmony, fulfillment and good luck with love are your anthem this month.
You’ll have a great need for affection and at the same time a great power to seduce. You’ll adjust to the other’s wishes easily, you’ll be more receptive and more cooperative.
If you don’t have a relationship yet, the desire to build one will now grow. Your secret crush could become a reality!
Look to make extra income from your talents with art or handmade crafts.
That dream you hold dear moves closer to becoming a reality.

Aquarius-January 20-February 18 – Air Sign
Aquarius people won’t have any reasons to complain about getting bored this month.
Add purple and tangerine to your wardrobe this month.
You’ll feel quite a lot of pressure. The responsibilities will be heavy on your shoulders, the stress will be draining if you don’t take some time for yourself.
You’ll need more harmony and understanding from those close to you.
Socialize, make new friends, broaden your group of acquaintances, this will be a great start to opening yourself up to new ideas.
This would be a great time to try yoga or meditation.

Pisces-February 19-March 20- Water Sign
Love floods into your life this month and you could not be happier.
Sea foam green and white lighten up your mood this month.
Pisces’ love will also be related to work in a way: maybe a workmate will try to start an affair with you at the office, maybe your professional life will be influenced by feelings or maybe it will be about sharing daily tasks within the couple, etc.
You’ll have a lot of work capacity, you’ll like your job, you’ll have control over the field of activity and you’ll also
The work atmosphere will be relaxed, the relationships with colleagues will be good.
It’s time you made some changes to your lifestyle, and this is a wonderful time to do just that.