How to be Fabulous at your next big Party

Dallas does everything big especially parties, year round we reign supreme when it comes to outdoor  Festivals and block parties  and when the temperatures start to drop the style does not. Allover Dallas Ft worth, charity Gala’s Fashion shows and of course the big party season opener The Dallas Margarita Ball which has become the Adult prom of DFW  with so much going on it can be daunting navigating through all of the things you need here are 5 easy steps to help you be your most Fab self at your next holiday party.

1.) Use a Guide- you can get yourself party chic and help shop local and support local businesses by  checking out out Fab Dallas Mags Directory of beauty stylist.
My Holiday Faves and Feel free to contact local makeup artist in your area. There are hundreds of Hair Removal, Makeup artist and Nail Salons even a few cute places to grab a bite between appointments Check them out here

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2.) Do a swap party with your friends- Gather a group of friends and have a swap party the thing about special occasion dresses as they get photographed so much it can feel tacky to wear the same thing. I way to break your patterns without breaking the belt is to have a clothes and accessory swap.Be each others personal stylist and put together different combinations with the same basic peices you’d be amazed what you find.

3.) D.I.Y what you can- Pintrest is overrun with tutorials on how to make accessories one thing  I can say that is super easy to make are hair accessories Stop by Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and  purchase the clips, a hot glue gun, felt and whatever will match your outfit and just start sticking things together. This look works really well on short hair, Updo’s and long hair that is swept to one side, You instantly look more dressed up.

images-2 p_hair_accessories_p01

4.) Repurpose- Thrift stores are a goldmine for quirky items that can be repurposed. For example long chain or pear necklaces can replace the straps on an old clutch, you can use clip on earrings as small broaches and necklaces can make adorable headbands if you get invited to any Gatsby themed Soirees.

5.) Go Old School- In the  early 20th century very few women frequented salons, most women knew how to roll or pin there hair and would wear the same style for several days, take a note from your foremothers and get creative with rollers, bobby pins and even paper bags you can set your hair the night before the event so that it falls perfectly at your big event check out these tutorials.

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