How to Celebrate National Tequila Day… like an Adult!

It’s no secret that Texans love tequila. so while most of the nation might think of national tequila day as a marketing ploy or a instagram holiday we know better, we know that tequila day is momentous occasion that separates the drunks from the cheap drunks. In college I remember thinking of tequila as that evil bitter liqour that was the catalyst for so many “man I got wasted” stories that ended in tow away lots or county jails. I avoided Tequila like the plague. But now that I’m all grown up and drinking liquor out of glass bottles .. I mean glasses I don’t drink out of the bottle, that would be barbaric.I’ve learned a thing or two and learned to appreciate tequila as a fine beverage and not just the life force within my margarita.
How do you celebrate Tequila day in the Big D? I polled Dallas entertainment Journal readers and did some sipping of my own to find the best bets in Dallas Ft. worth

Which Tequilas are the best?
As I mentioned earlier as a casual drinker I use to associate tequila with the upper rough burning sensation that usually accompanied it. That ladies and gentlemen is a cheap tequila. I found out there are essentially three types of tequila. The best tequilas for taking shots are the smooth ones known as Anejos are the smoothest tequilas. Because they’re aged the longest, Anejo’s are known as dessert or after dinner sipping tequila’s. Typically what you will find in a mixed drink or margarita is a Reposados which are the second smoothest. The third grade of tequila are The blancos, these are aged the least usually he cheapest and best taken as shots. What makes a Tequila is the Blue Agave the finer and more aged the agave is the better and more expensive the tequila.

Great brands to try are Avion Patron Cazadores Cabo Wabo and Tres Generaciones was the reader favorite on our recent DEJ face book poll.

Tequila is literally every where in DFW so i chose my two favorite chain restaurants to get a after work or during work drink (We don’t Judge at the Journal)

1.)Best High Brow Spot– Blue Mesa- Blue Mesa is one of my favorite restaurants to visit in DFW , while not necessarily pricey you definitely feel the need to dress up and mingle with the beautiful people that frequent the Addison location. Tequila is the headliner every night at Blue Mesa if you visit there website and click on “Tequila bar” you can ind the featured tequila of the day along with recipes and tequila tasting events. This is the place to step your game up and try a lot of new and unique items. I personally recommend the Don Julio 1942, voted by DEJournal as the best Premium tequila

2.) Best casual spot- Mattitos-Mattito’s is the chain restaurant with the taste of a much fancier place, I’ll save there enchiladas for another discussion because we are focusing on Tequila ( not to self research national enchilada day) They have an excellent selection including Patron and great happy hour specials . Another reason I love Mattitos is  because they offer my favorite tequila infused item the Riunite Margarita.  This is a frozen margarita topped off with the Italian Lambruscco to give it a sweet swirl. You can’t talk tequila without mentioning margaritas the newest twist in margarita’s is pairing it with add in’s not sticky sweet syrups but full bodied beers or liqors that enhance the flavor and push your alcohol content up a notch I recently tried the Reunite Margarita at and it is the perfect margarita for someone who doesn’t like to be overwhelms by a alcohol taste, Delicious and not over beamingly sweet I couldn’t wait until Margarita Day (Feb 22nd mark your calendars now people to tell you about it)

Honorable mention : Best College style Tequila- If you are looking for cheap tequila stop by the Dallas Comedy House on Tuesday nights for Buck Shot’s its’s  sharp hit of tequila that will get you nice and intoxicated and it’s pretty inexpensive during there drink specials (check website for specifics)  Now a cheap shot of tequila is pretty common at any bar within 50 miles of a college campus but what makes this a really great deal is the free stand up comedy night, nothing gives you the college experience like listening to adults lament over their failures while shooting down what is basically rubbing alcohol. I highly recommend it. They also have great shows, events and Improv classes 7 nights a week.

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