Hurry In don’t miss OctoberFest at Gordan Biersch.

It was the best of times it was the wurst of times, it was the Bratwurst of times. Forgive the puns but I am very excited to tell you about the specials at Gordan Biersch Brewery. Whether you are an avid beer drinker or liquor lover like myself, you’re guaranteed a good time at GB. Located at in the Park Lan shopping center on 75 across from North Park Centre, the folks at GB take beer and food seriously and pride themselves on serving only the finest beers made to the highest standard at their in store brewery. While you can find the great food, tasty beers and hip atmosphere of GB year-round, during the month of October Gordan Biersch has decided to take it up a notch with their annual Octoberfest.

Once seated at GB the fully stocked bar and the brewing room and open kitchen set up a transparent experience where we could see the food and beer being prepared. Gordan Biersch turns dining and drinking beer into an exciting experience and gets’s you amped for what you are about to enjoy.
We started our tour of Gordan Biersch by visiting the Brew room. Locate the Park Lane shopping center in midtown Dallas, Located just across from North Park Centre. GB brewing co is a Marketing Manager Lauren Turner was an awesome tour guide through the brewing process. She stressed the importance of the german purity laws which are hundreds of years old and stress the importance of using only 4 ingredients in each of their Beers “at one point the beer was cleaner than the water” she exclaimed. The beers varied in taste and texture from airy and effervescent, to the slightly sweet maltiness of the Festbier to the rich and bold coffee infused dark lagers.
Our group choose to sample the entire menu starting with the German Sausage Small Plate- perfect for an appetizer or a quick but filling lunch the small plate comes with sliced Beer-poached brats, drizzled with Marzen mustard and served with braised red cabbage and pretzel crostini’s. The crowd favorite (which almost ended some friendships) was the Festbeir Combo because it came with the legendary garlic fries…Yes, I said legendary… and yes I meant it.These savory fries are something to write home about but probably won’t make it home in a to-go box. Finally, the Sausage platters which were available in traditional Marzenwurst and chicken Knackwurst came with delicious Sour crout and bacon croquettes, I didn’t think I liked sour crout heck I didn’t think I liked beer, but GB made me a believer
Besides great sausage platters the limited time Octoberfest menu had some of my new favorites. To drink we enjoyed the BarenYager Mule – made with honey liqueur and balanced with fresh ginger and limes this cocktail fit perfectly with the theme served in a traditional mule mug.
A good meal deserves a great dessert and who could resist the Pumpkin Cheesecake, creamy pumpkin served on a delicious baked graham cracker and pecan, topped with their own housemade cream cheese frosting and drizzled with everyone’s fall favorite: salted carmel.
I would highly recommend stopping by Gordan Biersch for lunch, dinner or happy hour as soon as possible. and follow them on social media for more promotions and festivities

Happy Octoberfest!