Indian Americans from Rajasthan, India, Host Second Annual Conference in Dallas

Royal ethnic costumes, authentic Rajasthani cuisine, pulsating folk music and enchanting “Ghoomar” dances (as popularized by Bollywood movie PADMAAVAT) will take center stage at the 2nd annual Mel Conference, organized by the Rajputana Rawla of America, kicking off at the Four Points Sheraton (Coppell, TX) on October 12th and 13th, 2019. For the entire schedule of events, please click HERE

In an effort to unite the Rajput (royal) families of Rajasthan living all over America, the weekend celebration allows this community to stay in touch with their rich cultural heritage, while supporting the common goal of educating girl children back in India. “We understand the health and economic benefits of supporting education for girls. If you educate a girl, you educate an entire family,” said Dr. Harnath Singh Rathore, one of the patrons.

Rajputs of Rajasthan have long been known for their bravery, valor and pride in ancestry, so another objective of the event is to instill the same values and principles in the next generation of royals growing up in America.

“Mel was hosted in the traditional manner to bring Rajputs together to network, celebrate and nurture the high values of Rajputana life for the next generation, as well as to help under privileged girls in our communities back home receive the financial support they need to achieve progress,” said Narendra Singh Rathore, one of the organizers of the Dallas event.

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