Written BY: Alicia Burden
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“Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” — Stephen King

2014 was already a great year for Dequantes Lamar better known as “Rich Homie Quan”. He was nominated for Rookie Of The Year and Best Mixtape at the BET Hip Hop Awards as well as Best New Artist at the BET Awards. Now it’s only the beginning of 2015, and he’s starting the year off by doing THE RICH HOMIE TOUR in Canada in which fans get to see him headline. I would imagine his fans are anticipating a phenomenal tour since seeing him last tour in 2013 with Trinidad James. The Tour begins with its first show on February 11th in Vancouver. We all know there’s no I in team and Quan certainly has a great team behind him.

Brittany Rattray aka “Mrs. Entertainment” works for the label Think It’s A Game Entertainment the same label Rich Homie Quan is signed to. From a glance you would assume she does the typical secretarial job duties that many women find themselves in on the administration side of the entertainment business. To surprise, she’s actually the one that does the significant amount of work when it comes to setting up a huge tour for a mainstream artist. Brittany had the chance to speak with me and gave an inside look into what it’s like preparing for a tour and it be successful, something she believes is essential for many up and coming artists.

1. What was the last tour you worked on with Rich Homie Quan and what was that experience like?

The last tour I worked on was the “UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF MUSIC” tour, this was my first tour which featured artists such as ( Jeezy, Wiz Khalifa , Ty Dolla Sign , Dj Drama). The experience was absolutely amazing considering this was also my first tour where I had duties that needed to be carried out ( distributing passes and setting up studio sessions). Rich Homie came to Canada and recorded at Toronto’s prestigious studio phase one. Rich Homies Dj for the tour was unable to gain access to Canada with that being said certain things needed to be put in place for his set to come to life. Dj Drama stepped in to DJ for Rich and he delivered such an amazing performance, performing all his hit songs and singles off of his upcoming album.

2. How important do you think this tour is to Rich Homie Quan being that this is his first headlining tour?
I personally would imagine that this tour is a huge deal for him being a new artist due to the fact he is now able to showcase his talents exclusively. There are still other acts but those are miniscule in comparison to what is planned for the “Rich Homie Tour” from Quan himself ,now fans and fans to be get to actually experience him completely instead of partially. It certainly is a marker of a pivotal moment in his career, that being said he is able to really appeal even more to hip hop heads outside of the USA and really build his fan base on an international scale

3. What are some of your responsibilities on this tour include?
For the most part I’ll be ensuring that tickets and passes are sold and that the promoters in the Canadian cities have the show “on blast” basically in other words really promoting it. I scroll through any type of social media I come across a few times every few minutes with the flyer for the tour on it which means they are advertising and keeping the show relevant all the way up until the first day to the last day of the tour. I make sure radio and television broadcasts have been made and will continue to be made leading up to the tour and during.

4. Do you believe people overlook how stressful your job is?
Some people honestly think it’s all pictures and getting glammed up , so yes. People don’t take into account that your email is always flooded and your phone is constantly ringing, it tends to get very stressful – especially when you feel all your tasks are cut out for you and then the bomb drops and you have more to do and so little time.

5. What would you say is the first steps to be taken when you hear your about to be involved in setting up a tour for a major artist?
-The first step for me personally is to find out everyone’s role and involvement. I’m a strong believer in “more hands make light work” and once you figure out your designated role vs what others are doing then you can plan and execute strategically.

6. What would you say are the most important/key things to do when setting up a tour?
You have to honestly be prepared for anything from the artist not showing up to sound issues to not enough tickets sold. Over time the more shows I work on the more experience I will gain in terms of the endless possibilities of what can go wrong but one thing that can apply to anything is simply being prepared.

7. How do you go about picking the hotels and girls and such? Is there a list or does the artists request?
I usually go for the hotels that have great reviews in every city , I can’t always check rooms in advance so I ask questions like “how many sq feet is the room, what is actually in the room, when is checkout, breakfast , amenities” generally for a tour you don’t spend more than a night in the hotels so it needs to be comfortable enough. For the most part after being around different artists you get a feel for what type of company they would like – so you kind of work off of previous experiences.

8. What is the most outrageous thing an artist has ever requested?
An artist (not to be named) asked for females to watch him shower. I thought it was completely absurd, however when people have money and fame you have to expect any and everything.

9. What has been the most stressful moment in your career thus far?
When people have misconceptions of my brand and everything that goes into formulating Mrs. Entertainment. You end up being affiliated with lines of businesses that can sometimes harm your brand and even your personal reputation at times.

10. I know we discussed budget and you mentioned that there really isn’t a particular amount that up and coming artists should have in mind when setting their own tour up because at any moment that could change. Is it better to tour with other people or solo?
If you’re touring with someone who has a larger fan base and they can help your brand then it would be beneficial to tour with them. It’s very hard to pin point a direct answer since it varies so much.

11. What are the work hours like for you? Do you have time to hang with friends?
The beauty about my line of business is that it is flexible since TIG (Think It’s A Game Entertainment) is Atlanta based and I live in Toronto, Canada so for the most part it is email correspondence and a few trips to Atlanta throughout each quarter. My friends sometimes accompany me on excursions if I get a (plus1) type of gig.

12. What would you say are the perks of touring and being around the artist?
There are endless perks from free merchandise, after parties , being able to meet new people and expand your network. However, the overall experience is what tops the cake. On tour every show is different in every city.

13. What is the best thing you like about your job?
I learn new things everyday and it provides professional growth. It’s something that I can count towards experience and as I move up the ladder I can apply lessons learned in this setting.

14. What advice would you give up and coming artists that have never toured before?
Stage presence and rehearsals are very important. You are essentially the product and the businessman so you have to market and sell yourself to your potential fan base.

I want to thank Brittany Rattray for taking the time to inform The Dallas Entertainment Journal and all it’s readers on what it’s like to set up a tour and give advice to up and coming artists who might want to prepare for their own tour. For more info on the Rich Homie Tour please go to