Instgram Makeup Artist Hrush brings her “Alter Ego” to Dallas, Watch the interview here!

On Monday Hrush Achemyan brought her artistry and skill to Dallas. The Alter Ego beauty course was 3 hour adventure into the world of transformative makeup and Hrush had an exclusive interview with DEJ to tell us all of her beauty secrets, her must have “Lust List” items and how she used instagram to become a trusted name in beauty and a successful business woman. Watch the interview here .


The crowd composed of young makeup artist were all Fans of Hrush on instagram and twitter. They  watched eagerly as she broke down all of the steps to application and working with clients, Hrush says that the thing that sets her apart is her transparency “most artist keep secrets they don’t want you to know every step I’m breaking it all down so you can actually recreate the look”.

Hrush says her favorite must have product is the Kryolan Palette, This pallet in composed of buildable coverage concealer/foundations that can be used to contour and create different looks Hrush even uses them as eye shadows and blush you can find it here.



Another Fave are Morphe Brushes these versatile brushes are made of high quality materials and are versatile enough to create dozens of different effects including Hrush’s  infamous Liquid Contour.

google images

google images


And finally the “Showstopper” Lahes from Dose of color. Hrush says these lashes have a natural slant design that creates a perfect cat-eye instead of the “Wonk-eye” that can happen all too often with heavy fake looking lashes. The lashes even  come with a warning of “Extreme Sexiness” We’re willing to take that risk!


Follow Hrush at her Facebook, instagram and Twitter below. Try your hand at Contouring this weekend and send those pics to @dallasentertainmentjournal we just might feature you next on the “Lust List”!