Insurgent [movie review]

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I did not like this movie; it lacked levels of authenticity that vexed me through out the entire film. At first I watched it in comparison to “the hunger games” franchise and that didn’t quite fit, then I watched it from the vain of a subject propaganda piece which almost worked in a way! The movie seemed to borrow motifs from the aforementioned series and reanimate them as less than believable displays of cultural satire. The main character ‘Tris’, who shaves her hair in a cliché dramatization of an attempt of her trying to shed her cold, dark past is played by Shailene Woodley, who does an average job at best. Her new persona takes on a character reminiscent of transgendered adaptations of peter pan as she challenges boys and defies sexist stereotypes in a thin and resentful manner. She is costarred by Theo James, who is meant to serve as the movie’s hunk. He talks very little in the film, doesn’t seem to have a strong opinion regarding the politics which are supposed to be the crux of the film and is OK with everything ‘Tris’ is trying to do except leaving him.

The author of the book series that this movie is somewhat based off of employs brilliant imagination in her second book, also entitled “Insurgent”. Veronica Roth is a young author know for her short stories and feminist views and political satire and this film is her second. The film’s director Robert Schwentke along with the screenplay writers Brian Duffield & Avika Goldsman do a revolting job trying to project the film to a conscious audience. Discrimination parables attempted by the film lack strength and reduce the film to a cliche action/adventure journey. The film is rated PG-13 and there is one completely unnecessary sex scene in the movie so I highly suggest you accompany your kids to this movie which, despite my critique, is an excellent family discussion starter. The films saving grace is the graphics which are vivid an seamless. I have not read the books or seen the 1st film, but I would hope they are better than this.

[I give this film an C+]