Introducing: Michael Chronicle [movie reviews/music reviews/editorials]

Soooo… What is up Dallas? Hi, I go by the pen name Michael Chronicle (or Mickey) and I am a part-time writer for the DEJ, as well as social media, marketing & promotion specialist. I’ve been working for the publication for abt 2 years now, basically since it started and I love my job! Some of my favorite pastimes include playing video games [TEKKEN, Madden, Starcraft, Fight Night, Smash Bros], playing basketball, going to the movies, and actually work too! I love to do good work and see the reaction it causes. I majored in marketing/advertising in college and quickly became a fan of the promo-life. I have been an artist and party promoter for 6 years now and I have been involved with the branding and promotion of local artist for 5.

I started working at the journal after coming to the Tuesday Trend, a monthly networking event that we host that gives local entertainers and entrepreneurs the space and occasion to link up and support each other. I am very loyal to my love ones and my city, a true patriot and advocate of cultural development, growth, and preservation. My 5 year goals include helping to propel my city, Dallas Tx, to a position of national and international prominence and to launch my very own advertisement firm. In the meantime I keep busy with developing promo material for my clients, keeping up with the local urban music scene, and working on my brand. I really hope if you read this you will come back and check for my movie reviews which will be a mixture of new releases as well as my thoughts and recommendations of old classics and Netflix options.