Opinion Piece: Is customer service an endangered species?

Is customer service an endangered species?

A long time ago in some valley or some old western a statesman or a clergyman walked into the local saloon and before he sat down, the barstool was wiped down clean.  With a pat on the back and a smile the patron was offered a cold drink and a serving of delicious pie.  When he got his drink the glass is clean, pre-chilled and suited with crisp ice.  The pie was fresh and hot served on a clean warm plate.  The orders were always correct and swift to a pleased hungry or thirsty paying customer.  People cared about service, they smiled, they asked about family and they were genuinely concerned.  Today customers experience service in an unlearned fashion.  People get hired for a customer service position with poor training, ignorance and undeveloped relationships.  Managers are hired to “manage” train, develop, and reinsure that the subordinates are doing their job with a spirit of excellence.  The problem with this is that the managers don’t know what the heck they are doing either!   A customer goes to a restaurant to place an order a different selection is thrown at the patron, when it’s wrong you will not be greeted properly, shown any regret or any remorse.  Today’s solution is they just offer you more of the same mess you just got in the first place, for free!  I’m pretty sure you cannot count how many times you’ve experience bad customer service.  Tables are not cleaned properly, orders are thrown together, you say no tomato they give you one anyway.  I’ve actually had a guy tell me “hey if they don’t want the tomato then just take it off”.  A manager at a popular hamburger establishment was filmed telling a cook to go into the back room to put a returned hamburger back into the bag to give to the customer who refused the order.  The burger was supposed to have cheese and no tomatoes.  The cook removed the tomato and placed a piece of cheese on his burger, placed the burger within the same wrapper back into the bag.  Wow!

The Problem is that the customer saw the whole thing.  This is what customer service is today folks.  I’ve walked into restaurants where chicken bones were under the table, I’ve ordered nachos were there was no cheese on them, hot and fresh is now a perk and not auto, I always have to ask the server’s to clean the seats filled with crumbs and evidence of a previous patron, I shouldn’t be able to tell what the last customer had for dinner by looking at the table!  Managers have nothing to say?  I don’t know what’s worse, the servers that will submit to this level of service or the customers that will not say anything!  Nothing changes until people speak up.  There is a famous saying, “Evil can only prevail when good men sit around and do nothing”. You cannot have proper service without love and passion connected, you cannot hire people to serve when they don’t have a servant’s heart.  From restaurants to cable companies, schools, valet services, banks, department stores, etc.  Customer service is horrid everywhere!  It is a dying thought.  It is seen as something unnecessary.  Service is important America!  Service is a form of honoring someone; honor is the seed for access.  Service is a Godly principal.  Service makes people feel good.  Please think of some ways that you can serve the people who you love.  Service matters!



Written by: Barry the fashion guru