Is There a Mother of All Traveler’s Day?

     I know May ushers in warmer weather, flowers and Mother’s Day as a National Holiday, but we need to recognize Travelographer Extraordinaire David “Sumoflam” Kravetz as the Mother of All Traveler’s!
Known as “Sumoflam” to thousands of friends and admirers of his work around the world, how did that nickname come about? It turns out sumo wrestling is one of his favorite things and originally, he created an email address as “sumoman” in the 1980s. Through his involvement with singer/songwriter Antsy McClain, whose fans are known as “Flamingoheads”, he decided to change his moniker to “Sumoflam.”

As I write this I keep hearing the legendary Johnny Cash sing, “I’ve been everywhere man, I’ve been everywhere.” David almost has! This father of five, grandfather to ten and husband to his beautiful wife Julianne for over thirty-eight years, has journeyed over the past fifty-nine years visiting all fifty
states in the US as well as five provinces in Canada, numerous states in Mexico, the Philippines, China and Korea!

     Living in Japan for over six years, he is fluent in Japanese. He has worked as a freelance translator, interpreting for world leaders such as Sir Geoffrey Howe, British Foreign Minister for Margaret Thatcher and famous people such as Olympic gold medalist Nadia Comaneci.

     David says, “I Enjoy the Ride by traveling and seeing the world around me. We are so busy speeding down the freeways of life that we miss out on the back roads and all the wonderful little stories that everyplace offers.” 
I believe him. He is the King of unique places, strange named towns, roadside attractions and general found oddities.
His blogs are well written and packed with his own photographs that are the only ones gracing the walls of my office.
His passion for his family, life and genuine interest in others shines through in his work.

     A member of the prestigious Professional Travel Bloggers Association, he takes great pride in his work and it shows David, I mean Sumoflam.

Happy Trails,
Teal Gray

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 Sumoflam at the Mushroom House in CincinnatiDSC_5372The Futuro House in Covington, KYBeer Can House Front