Janelle Monae speaks with the Dallas Entertainment Journal

Janelle Monae and Jasmine with the Dallas Entertainment Journal

The Electric lady is now in stores


Jasmine Chats with Janelle Monae on her new album the Electric Lady

Dallas Entertainment Journal was given the inside scoop on the Janelle Monae’s newest studio album aptly titled “The Electric Lady”.
While at a Dallas album release party Janelle Monae allowed camera crews to join her at Illusion studios where she was winding down after an electric party/performance. Monae kept things intimate while she spoke passionately to the lucky crowd about her journey and how appreciative she is of all the support. The event was a true party guest were asked to literally kick off their shoes (attendees were given black and white socks to prevent things from getting too funky) and encouraged to dance right along Monae and the members of Deep cotton. The album which was released September 10th features a special limited edition Vinyl release no doubt a nod to her love of all things timeless and classic. Here’s my interview with her


Monae explains that the Electric lady is a movement and a concept much like the album., During the release party she shared the story behind the title “I was in a space where I was creating a lot and I like to paint and I found myself staying awake painting this figure of a woman and every time in a vivid electric color” from that sprang the idea of exploring women’s roles in society and taking them on head first “this is for anyone who has ever been marginalized” in her first single from the album; a collaboration with Dallas Native Erykah Badu titled  Q.U.E.E.N, Monae and Badu discusses society’s policing of female sexuality . The fun track was the first song she performed at their party.


You can listen to the album At spotify now but it’s one you will love from start to finish.This multi genre mash up has evry thing from soulfun sexy RnB such as Monae’s collaboration with Miguel “Primetime”, electro-funk like her second single ‘Dance Apocolyptic” and the motivational song “Victorious”, music lovsers will unite for the Electric Lady available now.


Of course you cannot have a Makeup artist and a cover girl in the same room and not have a beauty discussion. Janelle showed of beautiful glowing skin a simple line of black liner and a bold red lip. I asked about her beauty routine specifically that flawless face and she  said “it’s all cover girl I love it!” always thinking of others “did you see the table” and of course I not only saw but conquered a table full of cupcakes and lip glosses and her own clean whip foundation. The makeup looks flawless when applied



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