January Horoscopes and A Glance At The Year Ahead!

Hello 2017!
I wish everyone a very blessed new year!
You always ask me when Mercury Retrogrades will occur, so here is the 2017 overview.
First it is in Capricorn in January and situations come in that could lead to issues in personal relationships. Take a deep breath and think before you speak to avoid disagreements with friends, loves or workmates. If possible, delay buying and selling of real estate in January for the best possible deals.
Second pass through is in April with Mercury Retrogrades in Taurus causing unexpected delays for everyone, and in every aspect of life, finances, relationships and projects.
Third pass through will be in the house of Virgo. When this happens in the sign of Virgo the effects will be felt more emotionally. Remember again to stay calm and don’t rush to judgements and reactions.
Fourth and final pass through will be in December when Mercury goes retrograde in the house of Sagittarius. Don’t try to push through travel plans or agreements now. If something poses too must pushback, it’s best to wait.

Now for a look at your January Horoscope and a glimpse into the year ahead!
All the best Teal L. Gray

Nothing is impossible for you the first week of the new year, so get out your wish list and go for it!
The second week brings all your finances to the forefront. This is a great time to think about what your financial plans are for the new year. Want to buy a house or new car? The 10th through the 14th brings all the feminine energy into play for men and women. So, embrace and repair or am up relationships with the females in your life. Hold back your over confidence in the third week. It might be misunderstood and be less help than you expect. Be a bit humbler during this time. The end of the month brings good fortune to you in the business realm. Enjoy the well-deserved attention and possible increase in wages.
The year at a glance-
Having Mars-Saturn upon you mid-January brings unexpected family related obligations that conflict with your personal desires. Just find a middle ground and all will be smooth sailing. This is a good lesson learning time for you. Learn to give people a chance before making judgements so quickly.
March might find your romantic life and plans in a tailspin of problems and dashed plans. Let your mate take the lead during this trying time.
Saturn turns retrograde at the start of April and work challenges and dissatisfaction comes to the surface. Be patient, by late April positivity flows into your life thanks to the gentle Mars-Pluto trine. It is a great time to work on your personal goals and reflect on your life and goal setting.
May brings a gentle calm to all the mental strain that has been going on the past few months.
Your love life still needs attention as you go into June. It becomes unpredictable and forces you to be less rigid and more adaptable to change. A Mars-Jupiter trine brings good luck into your career. Success is all but guaranteed.
October with a Venus-Mars conjunction gives you back your charm that has been missing the past trying months. Time to show how much you truly love your mate.
A Venus-Jupiter conjunction by mid-November, and employment situations at the end of the year are fantastic.
Late December, thanks to a favorable Mars-Neptune trine feels like everything comes almost too easily! You secretly love challenges and puzzles in life that need you to solve them.

Take the first week of the new year to relax and refocus. Do not take things so personally this month, give people a chance to explain themselves.
By the second week this month, all your hope begins to come true. Your work and personal life ease up and have a fun factor about them that has been missing for some time.
By mid-month, you are not feeling you are getting the respect you deserve. Hold tight, better days are ahead. This is a time of keeping your patience and temper in control.
The challenges of life seem to find you the third and fourth week. Let your friends and family help and this trying time will bring you closer.
The year at a glance-
Venus rules the start of the year for you. You are the pillar of strength for those who need you now, and that feels good. You need to soften your demeaner and let people in. You have so much to offer, why keep it all to yourself. There is nothing wrong in being a softer you this year. So, keep doing favors and helping others with no expectations of getting anything in return.
February has Mars, Pluto, and Venus all on the move, plus a Solar Eclipse livens things up. So, this is not a good time to make any major decisions concerning your career.
Venus turns Retrograde in March and should taking a long look at your relationships and love life. Is everything how you really want it to be? If not, plan on making changes but not until the end of April.
Late April the Sun rolls into your sign bringing success and your charms to the fore front, delicious!
May with a Venus-Pluto air of conflict, brings challenges but nothing you can’t handle. Keep your feelings of jealousy under control to avoid arguments. You know you will win out in the end anyway. The Sun leaves your sign and moves into Gemini at the end of May, which puts you in a much more social mood.
June ushers in the Uranus-Venus conjunction bringing exciting time changes in your life, with lots of unexpected encounters. Whether you are single or attached, you will feel the heat of a new flame, but be careful not to love true love for a flirtation.
The end of September brings a Venus-Neptune opposition, which can create a hint of vague uncertainty and confusion regarding finances. Keep grounded and ride out the end of the year in a happy circle of friendships old and new.

The first part of the new year has you feeling a little insecure. No matter, you bounce right back to your old self later in the week.
By week two you are using your quick mind and charms to make your mark in the new year. Your people skills are at an all-time high this month. Mid-month has more insecurities creeping in concerning family. Do not let other people’s ideas of how you should live your life concern you too much. Let January go by without battles, it is not worth your precious time. Forgive, forget and move on.
The year at a glance-
Your ruling planet Mercury, starts out the year direct and then immediately goes retrograde (back into Sagittarius) in the first week of January. Remember what I said before about forgiving and forgetting? This should be your mantra.
Mercury drifts into kindred Air sign Aquarius at the start of February, which may make you literally breathe a sigh of relief. Take a deep breath and move forward with some romantic plans.
You’re at your mental peak when Mercury meets Uranus at the end of March, and your curiosity helps you advance in almost any career area of your choosing.
The Sun moves into your airy sign in late May, and you are the center of attention and on everyone’s invitation list. You know how to charm and you do! This is a great time to take full advantage of new connections and putting your business and personal goals in place.
June shifts Mercury into your sign, bringing success to your business dealings and social connections for about three weeks so use your time wisely to bring your plans to light.
Venus glides into your sign in the beginning of July, which puts your communication skills at the forefront of all your romantic interactions. You know the exact right thing to say and they love to hear it!
A Neptune-Mercury opposition in September knocks you off balance and makes you question everything. Don’t react harshly or without pausing to think. You only see part of what is going on. Give people a chance to explain.
A Mercury-Neptune trine occurs in late October, and if creativity is part of your everyday career life, good things are about to happen.
Mid-November brings an unfortunate Mercury-Neptune square that puts your judgment in question, leaving you to wonder if you can really trust yourself to make decent, well-informed decisions. Right now, Probably not. This aspect throws you into a vicious cycle where you may not only get caught up in your own thoughts and ideas, but unfortunate byproducts include lying and manipulation. If someone insists that you aren’t seeing the whole picture, believe them. Or at least don’t dismiss them right away.

Weigh your options carefully in the first week of this month. Rushing in could leave you in stuck with something you do not completely want and can’t easily afford.
The 10ththrough the 14th are your most creative days for the next six weeks. if you can manage it, spend all your free time creating during those days. Make sure that all the fine print is examined before you sign any contracts or legal documents mid-month so you don’t lose out on any money that should be yours. Your fun factor amps up on the 23rd and 24th, and your next great adventure could be just around the corner. The end of the month is ideal for finalizing your itinerary for that long desired get away. If you feel resistance to someone or something on the 25th, 26th or 27th, listen to your intuition, it always will steer you in the right direction.
The year at a glance-
At the beginning of January. This Moon is part of a four-point configuration called the Cardinal Grand Cross right now, and indicates a key time to regroup and refocus your energy. You might have some bumps in the road about now, but don’t stay stuck, gather your thoughts and plan your next move. The Moon goes void of course for the first time this year at the beginning of January and since the Moon and rules Cancer, this is a time where your emotions will be on hold, allowing you to get some productive, logical work done. Not that you should take on anything new, but go after current work with a vengeance to finish what you start. Specific tasks that are especially favorable such as completing existing projects and making to-do lists.
February brings the New Moon and a Solar Eclipse, which still isn’t a good time to start anything new. So just hold off on major plans now.
Spring leaves you feeling renewed and ready to take on the summer.
When Mars enters your sign in June, you are all about approaching tasks with creativity and dedication.
Emotions run high, but you can handle what comes your way. Family relationships are also highlighted for the next month, Cancer, so work on strengthening family relationships and a Venus-Saturn fire trine, brings love to the fore front. You are ready to take the next step!
Mid-September brings a Mercury-Neptune opposition that can cause brain fog, so be extra careful at work to double check important paperwork.
October sees Jupiter enter your fellow Water Sign Scorpio’s orbit, which signals change on the horizon. The Venus-Pluto trine in the beginning of October also puts your personal relationships to the test. You want to know what is real in your life now. No more games for you. It’s time to focus on life, long term plans and what they mean to you.

You might feel a little misunderstood the first week of the new year. People are making the wrong assumptions about you, and frankly you are tired of it. The second week on find you enjoying learning new things, making new friends and expanding your talents. Mid-month has you feeling the happiest you have in months. People notice the grin on your face, but you’re not telling! You have a great time visiting new places on the 23rd and 24th, and you are a huge success on social media. Relationship concerns take up a lot of your time on the 28th and 29th, but making things right is worth the effort. You are coming into a time of real contentment.
The year at a glance-
The Sun in fiery Aries meets up for their once a year party with Pluto. This is a powerful, sensual combination giving lucky you a fantastic, and sexy start to the new year.
An early February Lunar Eclipse in your sign hints that no major changes should be made, but that said, it’s also a fortunate time due to both your ruling planet the Sun and the Moon having compatible Jupiter influences. This energy is all about the major relationships in your life.
The end of March sees the Sun, the Moon and four planets all in Fire signs, which is a green light to be adventurous and maybe even a bit risky when it comes to your career. This is the time to explore new options in your life and take full advantage of all opportunities that come your way.
The Sun and Uranus also have a yearly meetup in the middle of April, throwing your past into question and making you wonder whether you’ve made the right decisions concerning your romantic relationships.
The powerful Sun travels into your sign in late July, and your classic Leo traits will be emphasized for the coming month. You have ambition to boot and you should take on leadership roles to spotlight your talents in this area. The end of July brings driven Mars into your sign for the next six weeks, filling your career with more masculine Fire energy. Because the Sun is also in your sign, this is a double threat when it comes to making power moves. You have all the confidence in the world, and you go after what you want with great success.
A Solar Eclipse in your sign has an interesting effect on your love life at the end of August, because it may try to block out your best qualities. Just as the Moon attempts to block out the Sun.
The end of November brings a Sun-Moon Fire Trine, which propels you into the holiday spirit in style. There is a real emphasis on enthusiasm and courage right now, and anything you do, you do with 100 percent of your being. Your fiery nature takes over, and you often act impulsively yet with the best of intentions. As far as you see it, where there’s a will, there’s a definite way!
Venus moves into fellow Fire sign Sagittarius in the beginning of December, and you are the person everyone wants to be with and be seen with. You really can’t get more popular than right now.
Travel is part of your life now, possibly traveling to a new city or country. You might not have a lot of free time for the next month or so, but the profit to your career is worth it!

The first week of the new year has you doing everything out of your normal routine. You decided to change things up and that surprises, but delights your close group of friends. You restore order to things from the 10th through the 15th, in your home, personal life and on the job. Mid-month has you charming and endearing yourself to everyone you are in contact with, old and new. You are helpful without keeping score and that is a wonderful trait. You get some well-deserved recognition on the 25th, 26th and 27th, and being in the spotlight feels good, and is well deserved.
The year at a glance-
Your year begins slowly with your guiding planet, Mercury, in retrograde at the beginning of January, so your resolutions may get put on hold. Slow down, handle what got left over from last year and then make a list to move forward.
While a Mercury-Pluto conjunction occurs at the end of January, you’re interested in what’s hidden behind the curtain. You want to know, and you use every means necessary to find out.
The Moon is Full in your sign in the middle of March bringing positive adjustments in your career through the end of the month.
The Mercury in retrograde and Uranus conjunction at the end of April is a very busy time. You will feel out of your comfort zone with everything chaotic and up in the air despite your best laid plans. Don’t worry, things get back on track soon and order is restored.
Mercury ends a retrograde cycle at the beginning of May, so you should feel an increase in energy. It’s time to get back up to speed in all areas. Mercury and Uranus meetup occurs in late May, and this one adds drama to your romantic life. You are level headed and make the right decisions, even if they aren’t the popular ones. Once you quiet your mind and focus on the positive rather than the negative of your situation, and you’ll emerge stronger.
The Sun moves into your practical, analytical sign at the end of August, and you feel more at ease and comfortable in your own skin. Focus on your well-being in the month ahead, especially matters of the body. Because stomach and digestive issues are associated with you. Pay attention to those areas. The emphasis now is on analysis, logic, and planning. Do what you must do to make those things priorities.
Another interesting aspect for you to be aware of is the Mercury-Neptune square happening in the middle of November causing you to question romantic situations.
A Mercury-Saturn conjunction at the end of November is a short-lived but high-pressure aspect, so don’t be surprised when you begin to feel overwhelmed by average daily tasks or lingering anxiety. It is short lived and order is soon restored.

You are in control of the first two weeks of the year! There doesn’t seem to be anything slowing you down now, or blocking your path. Move forward quickly on projects and watch the successes roll in.
You may start to feel the pressure of a tense situation on the 16th and 17th, and as the intensity grows so does your desire to avoid the situation altogether. Weigh your options carefully before you run away, Libra, because you might not get another chance to get this right. And regret is a tough pill to swallow. You might enter a situation naively on the 23rd and 24th, but it’s hard to fault a trusting heart. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to believe that everyone has the best of intentions, but don’t let yourself get taken advantage of twice.
The year at a glance-
Your ruling planet Venus and Neptune conjunction in mid-January gets your year off to a compassionate start. A Mercury-Pluto conjunction at the end of January brings focus and depth to the party, which can be great for your concentration. It’s easy for you to get lost in your work, which can have a positive, productive effect.
Venus turns retrograde in the beginning of March, so the next six weeks aren’t good for making commitments
Loving Venus has a difficult trip into aggressive Aries at the end of April, and the next four months may present challenges in areas of finance and relationships. Hastily-made decisions regarding love and money affect your overall well-being, so avoid hurrying yourself if possible. The lesson here is to slow down, take your time, and not rush into anything.
Neptune goes retrograde in the middle of June, so the next five months can bring out your personal demons. How they affect your work life varies, but it’s virtually impossible to separate your private and professional life, so you can bet they’ll show up. Accept your flaws, things have a tendency of working themselves out, and leaving you to wonder what you were ever worried about.
Your home planet, Venus, heads into Leo at the end of August, which can really be summed up in one word: DRAMA. Have you always wanted your love life to be like a soap opera? Because this is your chance! Whether you’re single or taken, you can’t seem to get away from being smack dab in the middle of romantic craziness.
The Sun leaves practical Virgo for your sign at the end of September, which offers a perfect environment for you to take stock of your life. What are your goals and dreams? What do you want for yourself that you don’t already have? Where do you see yourself in five years? These are all excellent questions, and answering them can help you reach the balance you strive for in life.
Venus leaves your sign at the start of November and heads into emotional Scorpio, which highlights loyalty, trust, and jealousy issues.
Venus moves into intellectually-curious Sagittarius in the beginning of December which highlights your best qualities. If you already share your life with someone, you spend quality time together during the end of 2017. If you’re single, spend time in Libraries, classrooms, public lecture halls. These are great places to meet people you are compatible with. Also, remember to think before you speak through the end of the year.

Your legendary generosity is one of your best features on the 3rd and 4th. You run the risk of getting taken advantage of, but in your mind, it’s a small price to pay to be of service to the world. Besides, you’re a firm believer in karma and what goes around comes around. Your pride yourself on your detective skills, which makes getting fooled on the 9th or 10th that much harder to take. Don’t let your guard down for even a minute, Scorpio. It’s a challenge to get up in front of an audience of any kind on the 14th and 15th, not because you lack the confidence but because you just aren’t at ease in the spotlight. Get it over with as quickly as possible so you can go back to your comfort zone behind the scenes. You have a very commanding presence on the 20th, 21st and 22nd, and you can use your influence to get exactly what you want. A promotion or new material possession is yours for the taking. You get excellent high-quality results on something you’ve been working toward on the 25th, 26th or 27th, and it’s really thrilling to see all your hard work pay off. Now, what’s next?
The year at a glance-
Sun-Pluto conjunction at the beginning of January brings success to your workplace and projects. It is a perfect time to show off your skills and leadership qualities at work. You get noticed by the right people and that brings you financial gains this year.
Hang on as conflicting Mars-Saturn pops up mid-January. Mars is a guiding planet and controlled Saturn causes some turbulence. Just keep you cool and recognize any setbacks as temporary.
Venus struggles in Aries around Valentine’s Day, causing you to be a little self-centered. Try to put your mate first around this time. They will appreciate the attention and it will make cupid happy!
June has the Mars-Neptune trine which brings your psychic abilities to the surface. You are very in tune with what is going on around you and with the people in your life. This is a great time to center yourself and tune in to what is best for you. The end of the month a Mercury-Pluto opposition enters in and could cause you to be more volatile than normal if confronted or misjudged. Keep your cool especially in the workplace. Thing before you speak and hear the other person’s side of the story before judging.
July continues this off kilter feeling of happiness, depression and boredom. So, keep it in check by getting plenty of exercise, time outdoors and fun times with friends and family.
October brings the Sun into your sign, and the depth of your emotions intensifies.
November is stressful, but planning will leave plenty of time for tasks so you don’t add to the problems. Loving Venus moves into your own sign in mid-November, at which point your love life can be a minefield of emotion. You have a strong willingness to commit, but do not jump in without careful consideration. This could be a long-term commitment.

You are a social butterfly the first week of the year. You have a new-found confidence that is very attractive to everyone you meet.
You have so much fun early on, that you can feel a little let down in the next two week of the month. Remember that it can’t always be go go go. Use this slower pace of time to make plans for the rest of the year, or get things organized that you have been putting off. You believe in yourself and your abilities on the 23rd and 24th, making these great days to shop your resume around or ask someone out on a date. It’s hard for people to say no to a charmer like you!
The year at a glance-
Jupiter-Saturn configure in January to make you lucky in love and in business. You are in a perfect position to take things to the next level no matter what area of your life you are focusing on during the first month of the new year.
Jupiter, your ruling planet goes retrograde in the beginning of February bringing a time of change and new opportunities into your life. This is a great time to take stock of where you are and decide what changes to make to get you where you want to be.
A Jupiter-Uranus opposition at the start of March with Jupiter in Retrograde, gives you permission to try new things. Take some risks and dare to shake up your life a bit.
May ushers in a Venus-Jupiter opposition
And you dare to mix business with pleasure with interesting possibilities coming from this new bold attitude.
A Mercury-Jupiter trine in the mid-June gives a big boost to your confidence level. You can push the envelope now and you do! Success is finding you in all areas this time and it feels great. Enjoy the limelight, you deserve it.
A Full Moon mid-June can cause problems to pop up because Saturn has moved into your planetary space as well. Take things slow as you navigate through a more difficult time. You have gotten used to things coming to you easily and this is a challenging time. If you recognize it is only temporary, it moves through more easily for you.
A Mars-Saturn trine at the end of August increases productivity, and the timing is right to wrap up projects and to do lists you have been putting off.
October sees your ruling planet moving from Libra into Scorpio, causing unnatural mood swings and jealous feelings and suspicions to the surface. This is not your nature so go easy and think logically so not to cause unnecessary problems in your love life.
November brings the Sun into your sign and your thoughts turn to travel. If you can’t get away right now, then use the travel bug to help you plan your next getaway when it is possible.

The first part of the year has you questioning the motives of those around you. You have a gut feeling someone is deceiving you and you get to the bottom of it. Just remember to be fair in your judgements and listen to all sides of the story before making any final decisions. You are particularly intuitive now and you intend to set the record straight.
You are a dynamo in the workplace this month and it seems like you could run the entire place by yourself. Don’t overload yourself, learn to delegate tasks and reduce your stress levels at work and home. People recognize all your efforts and a raise is in order soon. Use the extra funds to take a long-awaited trip or make home repairs you have been putting off.
The year at a glance-
January brings the first of four Venus-Saturn squares and this is twice the number in a typical year!
What does that mean? Difficult and trying times unfortunately, especially in relationships.
It has you fixing one problem and making way for another it seems. You are made of tough stuff and you can navigate through anything.
A Saturn-Uranus trine in the mid May, has you feeling like you are on an off-road adventure, but you like the view. It might not have things working out exactly as you planned them but they do work out and you are in a happy place now.
The Full Moon in your sign at the beginning of July creates a feeling of power and control over your life that you haven’t had in some time. Use this extra push to get work related and home related projects completed. Then you have Saturn and Mercury trine coming in at the end of July, puts your love life back in order. If you’re planning a trip or event, this is the perfect time to make sure things go off without a hitch. You’re excellent at tending to every little detail, creating the perfect setting.
Another Saturn-Uranus trine occurs in the beginning of November, and the effect it has on your love life is very freeing. Gone are the strict adherence to rigid rules and regulations that have guided your love life down a certain path in the past, Capricorn, and it’s fun to embrace new concepts and ideas as you navigate the road toward love.
Being a Cardinal sign, you are a change-maker and instigator, so feel free to introduce new things into your current romance and personal life if it’s not working for you. Maybe try a dating site if you are still single and haven met the right person.
Pluto is moving through your sign, and this continues through the first part of next year affecting your finances. This is one area you do not like change in. If you plan, and set financial goals, you expect them to stay in place. Your ambition is beyond compare, so you will be able to control any problems that crop up.
The Sun moves into your sign at the end of December, and this is your time to truly shine. Then, Saturn moves into your sign mid-December for the first time since 1988! This will have you feeling a lot more pressure to perform at work, and to get long put off tasks completed. You are a great self-starter and are very self-reliant, so you got this! Take it all one task at a time and don’t think of having to do everything at once.

The 1st and 2nd are your days to shine. You’re an inspiration not only to the people who know you best but, thanks to social media, to the whole wide world. Your efforts to help others are far-reaching, and you can do a lot of good from your little part of the world. You’re a top-notch humanitarian, and your thoughtfulness and charitable actions won’t soon be forgotten. It feels good to break down the barriers of age or ethnicity on the 7th and 8th, especially if you can bridge a gap or create peace where there previously wasn’t any. If you aren’t already an ambassador of some type, you’re sure to be made an honorary one on these days. You love to read good books or participate in lively intellectual discussions on the 18th and 19th, and you’d choose either one of those activities over most others, especially pop culture-centric ones. While your friends talk about the latest celebrity gossip, you just don’t see the point. The truth can be hard to come by on the 30th and 31st, so question everything. You may be fooled once, but you aren’t likely to let it happen twice.
The year at a glance-
The Sun brings a lightness to your personality this year and has you thinking more about what you can do for others, than what you want or need for yourself. This would be a great time to seek out a new group to volunteer with and make some new friends.
A Mercury and Uranus conjunction in March helps your career reach new heights. Enjoy your successes, you deserve all the good fortune coming your way.
May ends out the month with a Saturn and Uranus trine, which highlights your best traits and talents. You get noticed for your ambition and originality. Take this opportunity to make connections that could further your dreams for the future.
A Venus and Uranus conjunction in June brings an unlikely love into your life if single. If married, new sparks will fly between you two!
A rare Lunar Eclipse in your sign in August bring many changes and shake ups into your life. You can’t charm your way out of situations like you usually do and this leaves you on unsettling ground. Think before you leap for the next few weeks.
The end of a Mercury retrograde period in the beginning of May marks a good time to get back up to speed, especially if you’ve been feeling a touch behind when it comes to technological advances in the past three weeks. You pride yourself on being up-to-date on all the latest gizmos and gadgets, and this aspect offers a window of opportunity for you to be the ‘it’ person in this area.

January –
Use the first two weeks of the year to relax and pamper yourself a little. You have been pressing ahead for so long you forgot how to relax. Remember things don’t have to be perfect to be enjoyable. Loosen up on the rules you have in place and really enjoy the moments you share with friends and family now. You are enjoying a wonderful time in your romances! Also, your intuition about things is heightened during this time.
The next two weeks can be trying at work and at home. You feel like you are the one carrying the load for everyone and you are tired of being disrespected. Voice your opinion lovingly to those involved. You get more with sugar than vinegar! The end on the month finds you making new friends and bonding over shared commitments to better your community and the world. This is a perfect time to volunteer or take on a new role in your group.
This Year at a glance-
January brings romantic Venus the planet of love to your sign! Lucky, you. It is all flowers and day dreams this month. You are finally ready to give up some of your freedom for true love. It is a happy and contented time of your life.
In February, the Sun leaves Aquarius and enters your water sign. You notice that you are even more intuitive and sensitive than normal. Use this to help you in all areas of your life. You are also at a creative
A Mars-Neptune square in May leaves you feeling off balance and you don’t like it! You like order and things going the way you planed. For now, just recognize it is a temporary phase, things will even out soon. You have so much to be thankful for, just reflect on that in trying times.
The Sun-Neptune opposition in early September might have you asking, “What if?” Don’t fall into that trap. We can never fully predict what might have been, and often we lose sight of the wonderful things right in front of us if we are always looking back and questioning our decisions. Move forward and enjoy now.