Johnny Depp astounds in new movie “Transcendence”-DEJ Reviews

Written by: Jackson Young

Wally Pfister, the cinematographer turned director, debuted his directorial feature film Transcendence that transcended expectations.  We know Pfister for the amazing visuals he provided us with from such films as The Dark Knight and Inception. He tends to work closely with Christopher Nolan (the director of those two films) and that didn’t change on this project as Nolan and wife Emma Thomas executive produced this project.


The film starts out with beautiful visuals and camera work, and then is soon accompanied with amazing acting from Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman, and Rebecca Hall. Abnormally, in this movie we get to see Johnny Depp in normal appearance… in a sense. Majority of the film has the A-List actor was delivering lines through/as a super computer, but subsequently transformed back to human form periodically throughout. Morgan Freeman’s role is very enjoyable as he is used as a comedic relief in the film.


Transcendence takes on the future of advanced technology and does so while testing the human motives. It touches on how good intentions can turn bad when coupled with unlimited power. This sci-fi drama is intended to make you think upon leaving the theatre as it challenges man vs evolution. The pacing of this film is slower than anticipated or what the trailer leads to believe, but that is due to the story development, which is key in this piece. Overall, it is a great directorial debut and keeps excitement as it surprises you with explosions and gunshots. This film is sure to amaze and astonish.


8 out of 10