July Horoscope

June 22-July 22
Keeping your focus will pay off by the 16th when you finally see a clear path to your desires.
It will be a little scary at first because you are completely out of your comfort zone, but keep moving forward and you will not be disappointed.
Don’t forget to open your eyes and your heart to someone you may already know. A new romance doesn’t always mean it will be with a stranger!
You sizzle this month, so pace yourself and relax when you can.

July 23-August 23
The first several weeks this month continue to gain self-esteem an get your life in a workable pattern.
Your month and confidence pick up to a normal high. You have a parade of adoring suitors and just can’t seem to decide who to keep. That’s not a problem, a new love shows up later in the month, or a current relationship grows stronger. Success in all things is a steady companion as summer continues.

August 24- September 23
You work harder than almost anyone you know, and people in the right places take notice. You move into a time of calm success and smooth sailing for the first time in quite some time. Bu the 11th of August you move into a twelve year cycle where anything you desire is at your door waiting for you with a bow on it! Enjoy, you deserve the accolades.

September 24-October 23
Get in prime shape mentally, physically and spiritually this month because by August 24th you finally have a chance meeting with your soul mate! It will be worth the wait believe me. You bring your whole self to the romance and so do they. All the bumps in life have given you the tools to make this work. You will be so happy that you believe divine intervention had a hand in your new happiness. You’re right!

October 24-November 22
Use this month to put the past where it belongs, behind you! Clear out the clutter in yourself as well as your home and work space. You are at the brink of a cycle of success beginning August 1st that will take you on a wild ride of success that you are more than ready for.
This month brings new people that you bond with and they will bring you in touch with all the right connections to boost your financial success.

November 23-December 21
This month and next month you really come into a period of clarity and feel comfortable in your own skin. Separate yourself from people that hold you back from realizing your dreams. It won’t keep you from success as you are destined for greatness this season. You realize you don’t have to struggle and swim upstream when you can go with the flow and relax your grip a bit. Enjoy your success!

December 22-January 20
You might not want to move out of your comfy pond, but is time to have faith in yourself and jump into a bigger one! You move out of your initial panic quickly as you adapt to your new world and begin to take over. You are starting to realize you can create your own destiny and you don’t have to be at the mercy of chance. Take charge of your thoughts and emotions and get to it.

January 21-February 18
Wow, somebody lit your fire this month, and you burn bright the entire summer season. The secret to your success lies in being yourself. Don’t change to fit in; your unique qualities are in you for a reason, success! Make plans for the future with confidence; it really will be okay this time. Friends and family mean more to you than ever this summer and you make many treasured memories.

February 20- March 20
You are making a mental move from being happy on your own to seeing happiness will be multiplied with someone you can call your own. Your intuition is telling you the right moves to make at the right time in your personal life and business if you only believe in yourself. You have held back for a long time. Now it’s your turn to take your place at the front of the pack. It doesn’t feel comfortable at first, but you soon can’t imagine going to the back ever again.

March 20- April 20
Use this month to refine your plans for the upcoming months. You will be too busy for planning once next month starts up. You have been living slap dash for way too long. Get it together and stop letting life pass you by. July ninth you are golden no matter what you want to accomplish, this is your day to shine. Tackle things one step at a time and you will find yourself further along your desired path than you ever dreamed possible.

April 21 –May 21
July 21st is the day it all comes together for you. You have had a rough patch and you are a little shy to try again. You do try again, and this time it works out in your love life as well as your career and with accomplishing your goals. Things you thought had passed you by make a boomerang turn around and they are better the second time around. Try meditating on your goals to boost your success.

May 22 – June 21
People will be drawn to you this month and next for a big boost to your business and personal success. You get the promotion you want, the love you desire and a move is in your near future. There is a lot of change in your life but you are not stressed at all. You know it’s just growing pains heading to the next level up!