June 15th to June 30th Horoscopes

The House of Family will become dominant after the 21st. Domestic issues and psychological matters will prevail over professional problems. Aries, family problems require immediate attention and will take away some time from your career. Many of the planets are retrograde while some are moving forward in June. Retrograde of Uranus will force you to review your friendships and eliminate the undesirable ones. The forward momentum of Jupiter is favorable for travel overseas. Aries students pursuing university education will get into good academic institutions. You have to control your bad temper during the end of the month. Use your disappointments to develop your imagination. You can use this opportunity to develop your knowledge by reading and learning new subjects. You will excel in advertising and sales promotion jobs. You will have many opportunities for inland travel in the month of June. You could get a promotion in your job. Businesses will prosper and there are chances for development of new work-related skills. Money can be made by trading in stocks and bonds. Your trading instinct is very good in the early part of this month. After the 21st, you can create money by long-term investing. Money also comes from property dealings and with the help of family members for the Rams. Jupiter in the House of Love impacts the Aries compatibility in love relations. Existing relationships may move faster towards marriage. There is more aggression in your love affairs and it is advisable that you should allow love to bloom slowly and naturally. Sexually Aries will be very active and ready to plan for a pregnancy perhaps. Single Arians will be able to find love in the neighborhood, in academic institutions or long-distance relationships. You want your lover to provide emotional balance and necessary care in your life. Your soul mate’s feelings will be very delicate in June due to the influence of planet Venus and you should be careful in handling your lover. You will like to spend time with your partner in your home’s peaceful atmosphere rather than partying outside. The Aries health will show signs of stress after the 20th. Your energy levels will be low. You have to work smartly and eat smart. It is important to maintain your emotional strength by working towards a peaceful family environment. Health can be improved by resorting to a proper diet regime.

The emphasis this month should be on family, home and psychological matters. Career is in the background in June. Personal enterprise and initiative by the bulls is necessary to achieve your goals. Social skills are important, but not entirely necessary. You need not adapt to others and then mold the situations as per your liking. This is a favorable month for academic studies and communication activities as planets are helpful, and you can expand your knowledge base. You will have many opportunities for inland and overseas travel in June. Planetary influences of planet Uranus and planet Neptune are retrograde this month and will affect your professional and business life. Problems at the workplace require time and patience from your side before they get resolved. Career opportunities are available in advertising and product promotion. Your monetary situation is quite powerful this month and you have the planets on your side. Your financial intelligence will be good, and earnings come from profession, real estate dealings and with the help of family connections. Money also comes from various methods and will also be spent on a variety of things. Money is made by investment in stocks of media and communication industry. Earnings can be improved with the help of friends and by your own intuition. Love relationships are quite intricate this month. Present relationships are under the scanner and some of them may not endure. Your decision taking abilities are not active and it is advisable to postpone your actions regarding marriage, break-ups, and pregnancy. Allow the partnerships to grow slowly and any commitment can be withheld for the time being. Love and sex are promising. Singles will find love while dating online or with the support of family members. Your health will be excellent this month. This can be further improved by focusing on your diet based on your zodiac sign. A chronic headache and stomach ache might give you a little discomfort in June. You will be focused on family affairs this month.

Your interests will shift from career issues to domestic concerns and emotional matters. Planetary aspects for the profession are not favorable in June. You can keep the job aspect of life on the back burner for the time being. Use this break to visualize about future career ambitions and the right way to achieve them whenever they get the opportunity. There is no need for compromises. In the case of obstruction from others, you can overrule them and go ahead with your plans. June is one of the bright periods in the year for the Gemini born natives. Your vitality and confidence levels are zooming. This is a good month for intellectual pursuits, and the twins involved with studies, creative writing, journalism, and teaching will prosper. Your imagination will be excellent and you will come up with brilliant ideas and thoughts. Your success depends on how well you convert your ideas into deeds. If you are a Gemini looking for employment opportunities, it will be available in the neighborhood. Do not lose hope if you don’t find a job immediately or your business goes in a loss. You will make up for it before the end of the month. June predicts that money flow increases after the 11th and financial health is excellent this month. Problems may arise with your love mate temporarily on financial matters. More money is spent on personal items. Earnings can be improved by effectively marketing your products through sales promotions. Money can be made from speculative investments too. Family and friends will provide learning opportunities this month. Jupiter’s forward motion will improve prospects for love this month. Singles will be brimming with the Gemini sex appeal and will get many opportunities to form love partnerships. Commitment in relationships should be done after serious thought. There will be further progress in the current alliances. Problems with your spouse are likely in spite of the peaceful exterior in the relationship. Love relations will be under trial with regards to pregnancy in the month. Health is fabulous this month and your personal appeal is great. Healing massages will enhance your fitness levels. Do not skip a meal as this can prove to be detrimental to your health. This is a month of trials and tribulations in various aspects of your life.

You will be more independent this month. You are ready to design your life and work on it. You need to balance this liberty with social grace to accomplish your goals. Both assertion and flexibility are necessary. Spirituality will occupy your attention in June. You will be looking inwards and spending time on introspection of the past events and trying to rectify personal traits which are undesirable. During this period, your financial intelligence improves and will result in more wealth. This is the right time to analyze past actions. Decide on the future course of action after deciding on your objectives by visualization. Contemplation will help you to get rid of bad Karma and will push you towards philanthropy and humanitarian services. In the process, you get connected with the Supreme Power who will give you the confidence and vigor to lead your life in an entirely new manner. The forward motion of Jupiter will help you to get employment if you are seeking a job. Jobs you get will be to your liking and family connections will play a big part. Business deals will come through and your life will be filled with abundance and prosperity. The money will come chasing you this month and financially you will become richer. Money from unexpected sources is likely towards the end of June. You will spend money on personal luxuries. You will also donate to charities and social causes. By the law of Karmic returns, money comes back in a greater measure through other means in June. Intuition will be great and money will come by acting on your dreams and visions. Your personal image and outlook will be responsible for the increase in your prosperity. June is a month when the Cancer compatibility will play an important role in the success of relationships. The seventh house will instill feelings of commitment in singles. Married couples will be interested in planning for a child. Feng Shui tips for your bedroom can be used for better sexual relations. Health will be excellent and will improve further. You are spending money to improve your personal charm and look. Use these home remedies for a soft face and smooth skin. This month of delight and pleasure in everything that you choose to do.

Personal initiative coupled with hard work will yield good results financially in late June, July, and August. Planetary positions are favorable for you to alter the conditions to your advantage in June. Your course of action will prove to be the right one and there is no need to be flexible and to change things to suit the wishes of others now. Progress in the career can be accomplished by becoming a member of professional associations. Involving yourself in philanthropic activities will help your career prospects later in the month. Spirituality will play an important role in Leo’s professional advancement. Financial opportunities are chasing you this month and will become profitable by the end of the month. Earnings will accrue from investments in media and technology. Membership to financial groups will enhance your money flow. You can make profits by investing in real estate, construction, and trading. The Leo star sign people will also spend money on professional matters and social networking. You will be generous to give money to charities to this month. You should go slow in forming new relationships and allow current affairs to bloom naturally and gradually. You will be able to attract the opposite sex with your personal charm. Decisions on marriage, divorce or pregnancy should not be taken this month. Marital life and Leo sexuality in relationships will be excellent. You will have an excellent understanding with your partner. Social life is active and you will make new contacts to improve your career and finances. Health will be very much enhanced this month compared to the last month and your energy levels will be high. You can plan your activities based on your daily biorhythms. Drinking flavored water and coconut water will prove to be beneficial. Remember career and love can be improved by taking some personal initiative.

June forecasts that the House of Career is more powerful than the House of Family. For the time being, domestic problems and emotional challenges can be in the background. The career should be more in focus for the Virgo. You will have the liberty to formulate goals and follow them up with courage and conviction. There is no need for using your social charm or for adapting yourself to the situations. You have the strength to overcome all obstructions to progress. However, it makes sense for the Virgo personality to be congenial with others and get things done smoothly in June. Professionally there will be prosperity and you are making great progress. You are moving slowly and steadily towards your career objectives. Planetary positions are favorable for taking the right decisions for business advancement now. Career development can be furthered by making new social contacts, by socializing and by meeting influential people. Finances are mainly based on the progress you make in your career over your mates. Pay rises and change of status will bring with them monetary rewards. Mars in your House of Money after the 19th of June 2017 will bring more dynamism and certainty to fiscal decisions. You are liable to take risks in your ventures. You should concentrate on reducing liabilities and bringing down costs. The love planets Neptune and Uranus are retrograde this month, hence prospects of new love relationships will dwindle. Life with your love mate might be on the cooler side. Both of you are reconsidering the continuance of the present alliance. Single Virgo might fall in love in June, however, these are for fun and entertainment, commitment is lacking in this kind of compatibility. Health will be problematic until the 21st of June. This is a good period for reducing your stress by exercise and diet. Sportsmen will do well this month. Virgo horoscope predicts a period of abundance and good luck with lots of opportunities for romance and new relationships.

Major alterations are happening to the planetary positions and their movements. The majority of the planets are moving to the Northern half of the horoscope for the Libra zodiac sign. The House of Career will become very strong towards the end of June. Professional needs are more for the Librans in June and will take precedence over Family and emotional stability. Career success is also dependent on harmonious conditions in the domestic environment which cannot be ignored. This month will be a period of change over from social skills to independence. Until the 21st, you will have to make compromises to accomplish your goals. After that, your own determination and action will yield the necessary results. Libra should learn to depend on their own judgment and actions. Favorable aspects of Venus will bring with it more admiration, popularity, and respect in June for the Libra personality. This is one of the most joyful months and you will spend your time on fun and entertainment with plenty of partying. You will get many opportunities to travel overseas and to enhance your knowledge of foreigners and their cultures. Librans interested in spirituality will get ample opportunities for spiritual enlightenment. Career requirements will be demanding this month and you will taste success after the 21st. As a Libra, you will have no problem in giving equal attention to your professional life, love environment and social network. Finances are a bit strenuous for the Libra born till the 21st of June. It will improve radically after that. You will have enough money to spare for travel and academic pursuits. Love will be full of excitement this month but will be subjected to pressures from a profession, academic interests, and domestic affairs. It is advisable to have pleasant relations with your life partner. A past relationship may be a source of embarrassment in June for the Librans. Single Librans will be able to get into love relationships at the place of work or even fall in love with their boss. Social gatherings and parties will provide occasions to form alliances with the help of friends and social connections. Libra compatibility will be spouse will be sexually satisfactory which might even lead to a pregnancy. The Libra health will be delicate after the 12th of June due to the influence of planet Mars. You have to take sufficient rest and should try to harmonize your professional life with family life. Including canola oil and bell pepper in your diet can prove to be beneficial. You will need to balance all aspects of your life this month equally well.

By the end of the month, the House of Career will become more powerful. Personal accomplishments will prevail over domestic concerns and psychological matters. You cannot ignore the family problems completely and you have to attend to them from time to time. Happiness in the family will contribute to your career success. You can achieve your objectives with the help of social skills in June. You have to seek the cooperation of others and make necessary compromises whenever necessary. You should concentrate on changing your personal image by getting rid of all unnecessary things in life. First, you can cleanse your body of toxins and reduce your weight if required. All unwanted things in the house should be disposed of to improve the positive vibrations in the house. The Scorpio personality can take the time to contemplate on the intricacies of life and death, and change their attitude. You will be drawn towards spirituality, intellectual expansion, and mysticism. You will be interested in higher education and foreign travel. You are using this month to reassess and re-examine your career and business prospects. You will be able to make use of the many chances you get. The period after the 12th will be favorable for professional purposes. It is time to revive the financial ventures which were in limbo. Your financial instinct is admirable and you can make more money by helping others to become financially richer. Scorpio earnings can be enhanced by more determination and exertion. You should use surplus money to cover your existing debts. Earnings are increased with the support of your spouse, by tax savings and through royalties for people engaged in fine arts. Singles will find love overseas with foreigners. You can also find love mates in academic surroundings or in spiritual places. You may get entangled with advisors and guides. All plans to renovate your house or to invest in a new house should be postponed to a later date. The same goes for pregnancy. Your health is excellent this month and your libido will be very high. You might be plagued by sinus infections and a runny nose. You will be busy fulfilling your personal ambitions this month.

You can achieve success with the help of others and by compromising on your independence. Others support and help will be necessary for success in June. Sagittarius, your social life will be very hectic this month and you will network with intellectuals, artistic people, fascinating and cultured people. In fine arts and academics will do exceptionally well in June. Good ideas and better communication skills will be in demand this month. Retrogrades of Jupiter and Pluto are suggesting that your actions dealing with your physique and appearance should be re-examined in June. New strategies to enhance them should be worked out. Do not to overexert yourself this month. You should try to use all the social help available for your benefit. You should refine your social skills and try to view things from the viewpoint of other people. The June 2017 Sagittarius horoscope predicts that this month is a good time for planning seriously for future career and business aspirations. You will be extremely busy with work and job-related issues. Financial prosperity is very good this month due to favorable planetary positions. Your love mate will help you in your financial ventures. You will earn more money by making others wealthier. You should clear your pending loans with the surplus money you have. You are able to get more money through investments and new partners. Insurance, tax returns, and royalties will boost your finances. Financial position may be complex towards the end of June. Singles will find love in almost all types of people such as religious ones, fashionable ones, career types, health workers, intelligent people, and counselors. There is plenty of romance this month. Love is more idealistic with excellent Sagittarius sexuality. Your social intelligence is great and you are able to attract people of opposite sex easily. Your intelligence is very sharp and your communication skills are excellent when you go out on your first date. Sagittarians looking for second or third marriages will also have many opportunities to finalize their relationships in June. This is an auspicious month to plan for a baby astrologically. The Sagittarius health will require attention till the 20th of June 2017. You should have enough breaks to conserve your energy. Health can be enhanced by cleansing your body of impurities by detoxification techniques. This might be a month when you need to listen to others and keep your aggression under control.

During the end of the month, you can be independent and assert yourself in whatever you do. Social grace is necessary to accomplish your goals. The House of Others will become dominant for the Capricorn zodiac sign. Thus you will need to partner with others for achieving your goals for June. Traveling opportunities will come up during the month. The month is also favorable for higher education. Capricorn, career dominates your activities this month. If seeking employment, you will be successful. Those employing people will have no problem in getting skilled personnel. Social gatherings and media will help you to get a job. Family members and neighbors will also help you in your business ventures. The third week of June is favorable for the Capricorn for job hunting. Your monetary ventures are in the process of development, and you have to see that they will become profitable. You have to be patient about your investments as they will take time in yielding good returns. Money can be made through your profession and from the service sector. You can expect windfalls during the third week of June. Monetary openings are provided by your love partner and by social contacts after the 21st and you will have their encouragement. You have a busy social life in June Capricorn. There will be disagreements between you and your siblings. You have to make some compromises to keep the relationship going. The Capricorn family relationships will be under stress due to your social activities. Your partner and family members will be at loggerheads, and this will add to your tensions. There is more romance in the lives of married couples. You might plan to have a child. Single Capricorns will have many opportunities to form love relationships. You will find love in people interested in fine arts and entertainment. You may also find romance in the most unlikely of places. Your health will be excellent. It can be further enhanced by indulging in right fitness and diet routines after proper consultation. Sufficient sleep and relaxation too will help your well-being. Being mentally fit is essential for a healthy body. A busy career and social life will keep you on your toes this month.

Family and psychological matters will dominate over career this month. Career will be based on the happiness of the family and through emotional satisfaction. Job issues will be in the background, but June can be used for future planning and subsequent actions. Aquarius, the interest of others and collaboration with others is important to accomplish your targets. There is no place for self-will and independent actions. Social charm is important and you should allow others to lead the way. For the present, that appears to be the right thing for the water bearers. Personality traits show that your imagination will be at its peak this month. People involved in writing and fine arts will excel in their fields. There is an air of optimism about yourself and your vitality will be zooming. Your work will be recognized at the workplace and will be appreciated by the management. Aquarians seeking employment will have a successful time in getting jobs. Couples in love will find jobs towards the end of June. Financial situations will be good for the month. But the cash flow might slow down due to the negative influences of the planets. There will be unexpected delays in financial transactions and you have to take these things in stride. Major decisions regarding investments should be put on hold for the time being. The Aquarius’ financial plans and actions require a thorough review and necessary course corrections should be made in June. Love will be good and entertaining for the Aquarians in June 2017. Singles will find love in an academic environment, parties, sports events and while having fun. You might even fall in love with bad boys. Until the 21st, you are looking for fun and entertainment in love and after that, you are seeking a commitment from your partner. Married Aquarius born and people in serious relationships will have a harmonious period this month. Pregnancy and children too will a topic for discussion. Your health will be good this month and is enhanced by your awareness about health issues. You will follow a strict diet and fitness program after indulging yourself for most of the month. Overall, the June 2017 Aquarius horoscope predicts that family life will blossom, while a few financial difficulties will trouble you.

The House of Family is very dominant for most of the month. Domestic matters and psychological aspects of life will be important for the Pisces star sign in June. Career problems should be solved keeping the emotional aspect in mind. The family takes precedence over career for the time being.
Pisces, your aggression will be limited. You have to switch over from autonomy and assertiveness to be adjustable and flexible. The interest of others will dominate over self and you have to go by their point of view. Consensus and compromise will be essential for achieving your objectives. Pisces’ imaginations are stronger in June. If you are inclined towards writing and fine arts you will do extremely well. If you are looking for a job, you will be successful. You have a tendency to get employed in a business owned by the family members. You also have a problem with deciding the suitability of the job you are offered. You will also seek more fun and enjoyment so that you can relish the work you are doing. Your monetary situation is very much sound and you are flooded with opportunities to make money in the last half of the month. After that personal enterprise is necessary to earn money. You might start looking for opportunities which are more demanding and require more effort. Though you like to invest in speculative ventures, Pisces you should be cautious with all major financial decisions in June. Love and sex predictions foretell that love is very happening in June. You will have plenty of opportunities to get into romantic alliances. Planetary aspects are not favorable for serious relationships during the month. Pregnancy too needs to be planned after some thought. You will find love in the vicinity of your family and friends in June. Single Pisceans also might find the right partner while enjoying a party or when on a holiday. By the end of the June 2017, you will find your love mate in your workplace or while you are taking care of your health, Pisces. Planetary positions for the Pisces zodiac are favorable in June for renovating the house and for attending to family problems. Harmony in family relationships is important and you can make serious efforts towards that. Health will be problematic for most of June and will improve later by proper relaxation. Right breathing methods will lead to good health. Be it a panic attack or the right posture to sit at the PC, you need to pay attention to the smallest detail. Be careful when it comes to your health this month and be practical when making important decisions.