June Horoscopes

Gemini, you’re the star of the signs this month thanks to a New Moon in Gemini. You feel uncertain about what to focus on most, but you’ll find clarity with Venus in your sign for the first half of the month, giving you an extra boost. You’ll see an improvement all around in relationship matters. If single, pay attention to the sparks that fly on June 12 between you and someone you meet at a social event. Don’t stay home that weekend! If you’re attached, the Full Moon in your partnership sector on June 20 will shed light on a relationship issue that has troubled you and your mate. This might also apply to a business alliance. Finally, Mars turns direct on June 29, allowing you to make steady progress once more with work projects. The only difference this time is now you know where to direct your energy and where to move on.

Cancer, you might lay low for the first half of the month. Perhaps you feel a stronger need to get away from life’s chaotic moments. If you are more frazzled than usual, do what you can to relax more and go within. Consider a spa day, meditation class to help center you. On June 17, Venus enters your sign and remains there until July 12. This is when you’re stepping out into a whole new light. You’ll feel more vibrant and confident than you have in quite some time. This boost in self-esteem will certainly translate to an easier ability to attract whatever or whoever you’re looking for. Relationships in your personal and business world will improve dramatically during this stretch of time. If you’re not happy with your current job, you might decide that it’s time for a change near the Full Moon on June 20. If you put in your notice, something better suited to you will arrive sooner than you think. In fact, after June 29, Mars, the ruler of your career sector, will turn direct after having been retrograde since April 17. You’ll have plenty of ambition to pursue your goals once more.

Leo, Your social, work and group activities aspect of your life gives an opportunity to experience a fresh start through June 17, while Venus is also in the same area of your chart. If single, it’s possible that a romance will blossom. Your love life really turns up the heat at the Full Moon on June 20. This Full Moon will fall in your romance sector, making you more aware of your feelings for someone special that you have been afraid to recognize. If you have recently started to date this person, then you will know if you’re falling in love, or if you’re trying to make pieces of a puzzle fit that just don’t fit. On June 29, Mars will turn direct after having been retrograde since April 17. This will help move things along in a stale family matter where everyone has been frustrated long term.

Virgo, A New Moon signals a promising career opportunity. You might be in a position to apply for a promotion. A VIP will appreciate your talents in a magnificent way thanks to Venus also touring your career sector until June 17. Alternatively, you might set your sights on a brand new professional goal that you’ll begin to pursue. You gain the clarity you need to see what you’re best suited for. The best part of this lunation is that you’ll see how versatile your talents are, and you will most definitely know your worth. On June 20, a Full Moon in your home and family sector suggests completion in a real estate matter. If you’re buying or selling a home, you’ll tie up all the loose ends now. Another possibility is that you’ll hear emotionally charged news from one of your relatives. If this happens, try your best to lend support where you can. On June 29, Mars turns direct after having been retrograde since April 17. This will help you find your voice once more if you feel as though it has somehow been silenced due to various circumstances over the last few weeks.

Libra, thinking about going back to school to pursue an advanced degree or obtain a license or certification, this is the perfect time to make those dreams a reality. You will have the help of the planetary alignments to make your intentions hit just the right target. The only problem you might have is not being able to decide where you want to focus your energy. You may have more than one area you’re interested in studying or advancing in. Determine which path will lead to the greatest success for you in the long run and then act accordingly. If you have an opportunity to apply for a promotion this month, do it! Mars turns direct on June 29 in your earned income sector, after having been retrograde since April. You’ll have your ambition back to meet all of your financial goals. If you’ve felt stuck in terms of how much money you have to work with in order to meet your expenses, now there will be an opportunity for you to make changes.

Scorpio, A New Moon in your 8th House of Shared Money and Property signals an opportunity for you to get things right with your long-term financial goals. There is a good possibility that investments you make will profit, thanks to Venus also being in this area of your chart until June 17. You might receive a bonus, or commission check in the first half of the month. The Full Moon on June 20 falls in your income area making you think more about security. While in certain cases a source of income may be lost, it’s more likely that you will feel an emotionally urgent need to change what isn’t working in your budget. The best news of the month happens on June 29 when Mars turns direct. Making you feel as if you’re able to move again after having been stalled in many of your efforts. Get ready to roar, because now you’ll be on fire to achieve any goal you set your sights on!

Sagittarius, With a New Moon in your relationship area, you can anticipate a fresh start in your love life. It’s possible you’ll be creating a new partnership in your business or personal life. This connection will be a happy one with Venus in the same area of your chart until June 17. Enjoy the positive vibes that are flowing now in all relationship matters! Venus moves into your 8th House of relationships on June 17, and remains there until July 12. A Full Moon in your sign on June 20, signals an emotional time for you. You are more aware of how you feel, and as a result, everything will be felt on a deeply personal level.  June 29, when Mars turns direct after having been retrograde since mid-April, you’ll have your engines revving up again and will be able to move forward with your most vital goals.

Capricorn, you can expect positive changes at the workplace this month. Send out resumes and interview for a new job if you’re looking to make a move. If you’re happy at your current place of employment, you’ll still see an opportunity. Perhaps relationships with your colleagues will improve, making you happier to come to work every day. Or, you might receive an assignment that you’ve been hoping to get for quite some time. If you’re a business owner, this will be a favorable month to hire new staff. Act by June 17 for the best results.  On June 29, Mars turns direct in your 11th House of Friendship and Aspirations. Shared goals with a friend will begin to move forward now. This is a great time to try new group activities.

Aquarius, until June 17, make notice of new people you meet. One just might turn out to be your new love interest! If you’re already attached, you and your partner will enjoy a phase of harmony between you that feels like “new love”. You might even make more of an effort to date your partner now, and that will improve your bond more. If you have children there could be a lovely development for one of them, and you’ll want to celebrate! Thinking about starting a family? This month could be the time. A friend might need your emotional support near June 20. Do what you can to help him or her without compromising your own integrity in the process. I it might be more difficult to empathize with the situation he or she is in once you know all the details. Finally, Mars turns direct on June 29, right in your career Success is near!

Pisces, Your focus this month will be primarily on domestic matters. Expect changes many positive changes in your home and family life. You feel like nesting this month and possibly moving in with your loved one, or making the next step in your relationship. Love is in the air! A Full Moon at the top of your chart on June 20 signals an emotionally-charged turning point in your career. This could be connected to you receiving an award or special honor. Then, on June 29, Mars will turn direct after having been retrograde since mid-April. A stalled legal matter will finally pick up speed.

Aries, if you have a communications-related project you are working on, or a big purchase you want to make mid-month is the time everything falls into place. Venus pops into your home and family sector, restoring peace and harmony between you and relatives and a love relationship even closer! A Full Moon on June 20 might leave you in a new place spiritually. You might have a revelation that comes to you with the help of a spiritual or metaphysical advisor. This can be absolutely life altering, helping you realize what is truly important to your at a soul level. Moving forward, your moral compass and spiritual identity might be forever changed. The headline news for June however, arrives at the very end. On June 29, Mars, your ruling planet, finally turns direct. You may have felt as if the universe pressed the pause button in every aspect of your life. Now, you’ll notice that life begins to move again. And you’re back in the driver’s seat!

Taurus, your earning power improves until mid-June. If you’re hoping to secure a raise, this will be the time to ask. Or, if you’re thinking about starting a new business, move forward with your plans. Money will continue to be your theme all month long, but by June 20, it appears that your focus will move from money to relationships and by June 26, when Jupiter and Pluto are at a perfect angle to each other, so is your love life. Nothing can stop you now! Take time for a romantic getaway.