June’s Spotlight Author – Dr. Rita Louise

June’s Spotlight is the bestselling author Dr. Rita Louise. She is the founder of the Institute of Applied Energetics and the host of Just Energy Radio. She is a Naturopathic Physician and a 20-year veteran in the Human Potential Field. A popular speaker, medical intuitive and clairvoyant, with trusted clients and fans all over the world. She is the author of the books ET Chronicles: What Myth And Legend Have To Say About Human Origin, Avoiding The Cosmic 2X4, Dark Angels: An Insider’s Guide To Ghosts, Spirits & Attached Entities and The Power Within.

Her video iKon– Deconstructing the Archetypes of the Ancients is a mind opening, visually stunning look at the burning question, how is it possible civilizations around the world with no contact have very similar Iconography? Dr. Rita discusses art and architecture shown to have similarities, and soon you start to connect the dots. Then more questions come to mind. Why have these details been seemingly hidden from us? I have never seen some of the images she presents before. Dr. Rita lays out an intelligent trail of information with the payout at the end being a mind blown wide open ah ha moment. You won’t be disappointed except when the video ends, leaving you wanting more.

Just Energy Radio
Listen live every Thursday evening from 8-10pm EST.

Holistic health practitioner, Dr. Rita Louise’s medical intuition, psychic clairvoyant readings and spiritual energy healing services are offered in person, by phone or over Skype. You can schedule an appointment to see her in person, not only in the Dallas / Fort Worth area but throughout all of East Texas, including Tyler, Longview, Marshall, Jefferson and even Shreveport, Louisiana.

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