Local Author Spotlight: Mia Mitns

New fantasy/sciene-fiction, and local author Mia Mitns, has released her new novel and short story based in Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas.

Mia attended high school at Plano East and started writing when she was young.  She began with “silly” poetry and short stories.  In high school, she continued to write, off and on, but stopped when she went to college.

Mia returned to writing after graduating college through a creative writing class at the University of Texas at Dallas.  The class returned her to writing short stories, which led her to write poems again.  Mia’s poems became lyrics when she began to learn the guitar and attempt to write her first song.  After recently graduating again, Mia wrote her first novel, Tea Leaf: What Hides Beneath.  A story, which arose from a suspenseful dream.  She is currently writing short stories for her new series, Fallen Invasion.  Check out more about her books below and join her on social media for updates.

Her first novel, Tea Leaf: What Hides Beneath, is an urban fantasy (think paranormal and supernatural characters in the real world) about Cinnia, a scientist, who is given a new destiny:

Cinnia’s life is about change, a new career, a change in friendships, and a new neighbor.  A new career as a scientist at Sciecor, where secrets are hidden in the basement.  A new, friendly neighbor with a hidden agenda.  A change in friendships that Cinnia does not want to face.

Cinnia will realize things are not as they appear.  Magic lives outside of fairytales and we definitely are not alone.

Will Cinnia be able to handle her new destiny?  Find out in Tea Leaf: What Hides Beneath.


Fallen Invasion will be a series of short stories about an alien invasion.  The first short story is called Fallen, and is out now.

Marli just moved to the country from Dallas, Texas to work as an ecologist. One night, she tries to enjoy the fresh country air before getting ready to go to sleep. To her surprise, something falls out of the sky, initiating her first alien contact.

All of the stories in Fallen Invasion will be free, but on random days.  Fallen, will be free tomorrow (Saturday, 1/17/15) and Sunday starting around 12 am pst.  Follow Mia on twitter, tumblr, or facebook for updates on the free releases.  You can also visit Mia on her website for information about new releases and free giveaways.


To check out Mia’s stories, click on the links below:

Click here to check out Tea Leaf: What Hides Beneath   and Click here to check out Fallen

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