Looking back at the 2013 Cowboys Draft Class

With the NFL calendar officially starting over this month, another group of rookies will move up from the collegiate ranks, while last year’s rookies continue to find their way in the league.

In the last few years, the Dallas Cowboys have made drastic advances in the NFL Draft, in the terms of retaining their players selected. From 2007-2010, the Dallas Cowboys drafted 33 players. Five of those picks are currently on the roster.

Defensive lineman Anthony Spencer is officially an Unrestricted Free Agent, wide receiver Dez Bryant, and offensive lineman Doug Free will be Free Agents in 2015. Defensive back Orlando Scandrick was recently extended through 2017, while linebacker Sean Lee was extended through 2020 (see here).



At the current moment, 16 of 22 players that the Cowboys have drafted in the last three years are currently on the Cowboys roster.

The 2013 class has made a definitive impact on the team, and look to make even more of a difference moving forward. I chose to rate the players by their draft value, and contribution to the team.


Dallas Cowboys 2013 Draft Picks 

Rd.(OVR) Name School Position  Games Played Games Started
1 (31) Travis Frederick WISC OL 16 16
2 (47) Gavin Escobar SDSU TE 16 1
3 (74) Terrance Williams Baylor WR 16 8
3 (80) J.J. Wilcox Georgia So. FS 13 5
4 (114) B.W. Webb W&M DB 15 0
5 (151) Joseph Randle OK State RB 12 2
6 (185) DeVonte Holloman S. Car. LB 9 2


(1) Travis Frederick– According to profootballfocus.com, Frederick ended the season ranked fourth out of 32 first-round picks. He was also ranked as the top rated run-blocker in the NFL. Although Frederick struggled after the first six games of the season, Frederick was one of just two first-round offensive limen to start all 16 regular season games in 2013. Tennessee Titans guard Chance Warmack was the only other lineman to do so.


(2) Terrance Williams– Williams finished third among the 2013 wide reciever draft class, with 44 receptions, and 736 yards, averaging 17.6 yards per reception. Williams played in 16 games, and started eight. He also scored five touchdowns, which was third among all Cowboy players. Williams stepped up, when other Cowboys went down with injuries. Williams also proved his flexibility late in the season, averaging 23.6 yards on kick returns through the last six games of the season.


(3) J.J. Wilcox– Wilcox had one of the most perplexing seasons among Cowboy rookies in 2013. The season started off well for Wilcox, with big games, in consecutive weeks versus the Denver Broncos, Washington Redskins, and Philadelphia Eagles. Wilcox would go on to injure his right knee the following week. He missed three games, and came back in a support role role in Week 12, behind safety Jeff Heath. Wilcox finished the 2013 season with 38 tackles, and one pass deflected through 13 games, while starting in five. There is no doubt that Wilcox will become a playmaker, but his durability will be in question for 2014.


(4) Joseph Randle– Randle contributed in a minimal role, as a rookie with the Cowboys in 2013. Randle did show promise in the games he did play in. Randle finished the 2013 season with 225 yards from scrimmage, compiling 54 carries for 164 yards, averaging 3.0 yards per carry. Randle did have one fumble over 12 games played. He did start in two games, and showed that there is a major need for improvement as a pass blocker. There were a few times where Randle left quaterback Tony Romo unprotected. The back will have to improve on his pass blocking abilities to be more effective in 2014.


(5) DeVonte Holloman– Following a very entertaining preseason, brimming with promise, that included a pick-6 in the preseason Hall of Fame game (Dolphins), Holloman was sporadic for the first half of the season. He completed the 2013 season with 22 of his 26 tackles in the last three games of the season, missing most of the 2013 season with a neck injury. This converted middle linbacker finished the 2013 season as a starter, and added two sacks to his career register (4th on team). All Holloman has to do in 2014, is stay healthy. Everything else seems easy to him.


(6) Gavin EscobarUsually certain expectations come with being a second round pick, many of which Escobar had no chance of reaching. It would be unfair to blame Escobar, as he was utilized sparingly as a target in 2013. He finished the season with nine catches, and 134 yards, with two touchdowns. Escobar will have to show that he can do more than catch the ball in open space, in order to gain significant playing time in 2014.


(7) B.W. Webb– Not much was to be expected from an undersized defensive back from William & Mary, but Webb showed that he does have the skillset to compete at the next level. Initially, he did struggle in the regular season, and was eventually replaced by Sterling Moore, as the Nickel back. Just seems to be a small step in Webb’s maturation process, as defensive back has one of the toughest adjustment periods in the NFL.


Only time will tell if any of these players will pan out for the Cowboys, but at least they are currently on the roster. That’s something to brag about.

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