Lou & Grey

You drive around Dallas and you see sky scrapers, concrete buildings, people hustling from one building to the next – If you really stop and look around though, you would see all that it has to offer; The lighting and textures and designs, it is truly a beautiful place. Lou & Grey is a piece of just that. From the soft colors and fabrics to the beautifully designed pieces, it is a representation of our home.

A collaborative photo shoot around Dallas to showcase Lou & Grey designs-

IMG_1946  SDP_5756-Edit

SDP_5903 SDP_6158-Edit

Art Director :@hello.jeremiah

Photographers: @Marshalldavid11 & @blake.fountain

Fashion Stylist: @STYLEDbyCohen

Hair/Makeup : @londoncrewsmakeup

Models :Jessica Brown, Olivia Simons, Logan Fowler

Shop Styles: https://www.louandgrey.com/