Lucy [movie review]

OK, so ‘Lucy’ is a science fiction thriller set in the very near future that basically explores the potential outcome of expanded human brain capacity. The main character played by actress Scarlett Johansson is a “plain jane” modern woman that has a sneaky boyfriend that ends up handcuffing a metal suitcase to her wrist that sends her on an extraordinary trip through the underworld. The name ‘Lucy’ is a reference to the the proposed ‘missing link’ that some scientist suggest ties us to evolution from apes. The film goes on to try and substantiate derivatives of these claims through the presentation of several watered down scientific ‘facts’ cosigned by a nero-scentist played by none other than Morgan Freeman who does a superb job of feeding the audience these notions in a tryingly convincing manner.

Outside of the water down science in the film, Director Luc Besson does a great job orchestrating imaginative fight scenes as Lucy unlocks more and more of her brain power! The film starts off slow and builds to a rather exciting pace that will surely keep you entertained. With tons of modern special effects and of course a cliffhanger at the end, Lucy is the perfect film to get you amped up for the weekend, just beating out ‘Hercules’ staring ‘The Rock’ for the last spot in this past weekend’s top 5 earners!

[I give this film a B-]

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