Lust List: 5 Great Buys to help you keep your resolutions

The Lust List 5 Great Deals to help you keep your new years resolution

 It’s about that time about that time that we start talking ourselves out of our resolutions, about the time that life gets in the way and old habits kick back n and we can go right beach to being the new year old me’s we were in 2014,  some o the top resolutions are to Loose weight, save money,help others, eat better and get more sleep

Resolution 1: Save Money Solution 1: Go Old school!  1 reason that I  personally  loose a lot of  money is not physically paying attention to my money. When spending cash is just a swipe away it gets easier and easier to throw my card down and drink or eat my night away. I started the habit of hitting the ATM and taking out as much as I expect to pay. I leave my credit cards in a separate wallet that I sometimes don’t put in my Going out bag. That 20-40 dollars that I take cash is what I pretend is all I have. Mentally tricking yourself into living below your means is the way to get a control on over spending. When I have leftover cash I am vowing to get that change out of my glove compartment and saved up, sure  a lost penny here and there isn’t a big deal but it adds up. A Lot! It’s estimated that americans throwaway and average of 500 dollars a year in change stop the cycle and start picking up every penny I found this adorable piggy bank at Ross and plan to allow myself one splurge purchase  at the end of the year, most likely it will still be at Ross!

Check out for finished and unfinished ones in creative shapes I like the idea of decorating mine with the goal in mind for example to curb my going out budget

Resolution 2: Eat healthy-Solution Pack it pretty. Packing lunches will save you some serious coin in the coming year and help you save calories even he healthiest restaurant mensal are made in huge portions and use artificial flavorings check out websites with great healthy lunch recipes and get smart about what you pack.I love the collapsable Eco Lunch containers available on Amazon these super smart eco friendly containers make packing a lunch possible and easy.

Then there is the task of making yourself actually remember to pack a lunch, I think it gets a little easier when you have a cute bag to take with you! Checkout TJ Max, Burlington Coat factory and ross for adorable insulated cosmetic bags you can  use for lunch or splurge a bit on a cute one from Betsey Johnson. I found this adorable pink one that i actually use as a camera bag from the betseyville collection at burlington I checked and saw some that could also double as hand bags

Resolution 3: Work Out-Solution Multitask. You’d be surprised how many every day activities can be made into work outs with a few tweaks. I squat during my blow outs and use an excursive ball at my desk look for cool easy work out short cuts on youtube and track the on an affordable watch I found this stylish one on mason for 35 pair it with thin bangles from charming charlie

Resolution 4: Get more Sleep-Solution “Wake up Like this”- The number one reason women don’t get enough sleep aside from kids and partners is usually because they have a ton to do i the morning. You can snag an extra hour if you can cut down your beauty routine. Most women shouldn’t wash there hair daily but some just handle that second day flat look; theres a solution set yourself up for success by setting your hair at night. There are new developments in the way that hair rollers are made now and you can sleep comfortable while styling your hair  checkout the I woke up like this kit–Rollers-Gift-Pack-Drawstring/dp/B00R9QPZXU/ref=sr_1_9?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1422386523&sr=1-9&keywords=sleep+rollers. If you like your hair bone straight try wrapping your hair. Wrapping has been a tradition in the African American community for centuries this technique of using a boar bristle brush to wrap the hair all around the face and securing it wit clips makes a huge difference. In the morning s shake it out and blast with dry shampoo or oil sheen depending on if your hair needs more texture or more oil and go that can take all of 10 minutes in the morning.

 To Shorten your makeup routine it’s all about multi tasters. The Multiple from Nars is a genius idea for lips,eye and cheeks sweep on a brow mascara and

It Cosmetics Tight Line Mascara will change your life as you can line your eyes and define your lashes in one stroke.

Resolution 5:Help others- Solution- Donate as you shop. You might have noticed my resolution solutions invove a lot of shopping, now before you feel guilty about that there are awesome ways to make that shopping a better benefit for others check out  the Amazon smile program. Just click an org and .05 of each purchase will be donated.