Lust List: How to use Social Media to score the best gifts for your friends.

The Clock is ticking on finding the perfect christmas gift for that special someone in your life. Whether you are searching for a gift for a romantic partner, a sibling, a parent or even an awkward co worker there are still a few easy and quick gifts that will show how much you care or at least how much you want to appear to care. Nowadays people post their every food preference, movie choice and political opinion on the web, use those tools to sniff out the best gift for them. t
1.) Big Kid Gift- As long as you know the gift recipient fairly well this one is easy and pretty fun, Find out what your giftee wanted to be as a child and theme a gift around that for example I used to think I was the next Mariah Carey ( actually I think that every friday at Karaoke) For example a friend of mine Got me a Childs sparkly microphone and inside she included a gift card to my favorite live music venue. combining childhood dreams with grown up hobbies is a thoughtful way to impress your favorite person this holiday.
2.) Inside Jokes- This one is great for co workers. Does that guy in the cubicle next to you always quote the Big Bang Theory? Hit him with a Bazinga Mug. Take a persons favorite phrase or funny quote and make it famous. Check out there instagram for meme’s they post often check out for easy ideas.
3.) The sweet tooth savior- Got a friend with a crazy sweet tooth. Give them a gift that will keep them happy long after the candy is gone a custom gumball machine is a great way to brighten up an office and you can score bonus points by adding their childhood favorite candy.
4.)Give a little bit- That friend who keeps telling you they honestly don’t need anything? You know that annoying friend I bet they volunteer at soup kitchens and are big on hashtag activism. Check out there preferences then make a donation in their name. Seal the deal by including a gift certificate for 1 hr of your time to volunteer together. Your friend will be impressed by your compassion.
5.)The beauty Guru- If you have a friend that is a product junkie ad constantly tries out new makeup and hair products they will really appreciate a way to try more Buy them a subscription to a service like so they can explore more everyday.
6.) The Selfie Superstar- Everyone know’s that girl or guy who loves to chronicle their life in self portraits make their day easier with cell phone attachments
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