Lust List: Our picks for Musical Festival Fashion

Written by Jasmine Ellis

SXSW has come and gone and those Coachella crazies will be flooding your news feed any day now, as the festival season is upon us and new and fun events are popping up allover the web and you want to be prepared don’t you? Its no secret that people even the really cool ones care about what they wear, and want to be comfortable while looking awesome. Here are my favorite picks for concert going, beer tasting and time wasting. Here are my Lust List Pics grouped using the Fabulous site Polyvore!

If your not using Polyvore you should be its an amazing! This App  allows you put together outfits from scratch or Ideas. Lets say you find this awesome dress but aren’t sure what to pair with it you can search for the dress by designer, price, style or color once you find it you can see other sets that were made with the same dress in them and build from there. the possibilities are endless and users get really into so the outfit building community keeps going you can follow users share and use polyvore to keep your closet stocked unlike Tumblr or pintrest where users can also pin together outfit vision boards Polyvore shows you shop-able items to create dream looks.

Check out the Look Break Downs here with fab finds from affordable places like  Forever21, Nasty Gal, Mod Cloth and Macy’s. Click on each picture for links. As you move your curser over items buying details appear.

Rules: Whatever the festival I’ve got 3 basic rules

1.) Shoes are everything- The difference between a good night and a trip to the hospital is all in your foot wear. Hate to sound like your mom but you could twist an ankle walking in sky high stilettos and open toes are unsanitary and have no place at these festivals. Lastly, as cute as you think it is, KEEP YOUR SHOES ON!  no one ever said “man that drunk girl limping with cut ankles is adorable”. When you put on those shoes you are making a vow for hygiene and self respect! You have married those shoes  (old school married not Hollywood married to for the next 6-8 hrs) so make the right choice in footwear make sure you can stand, walk and dance without any issues before you say yes to a shoe.

2.) Keep your butt covered: I know I sound like a prude but you will thank me later, Shorts, pants and yes they still make skorts will be life savers over dresses with the exception of Indoor concerts and film festivals. In the true music festival insanity you don’t want to be the friend who misses the surprise appearance from Calvin Harris because you couldn’t run in your body-con ( Note:if your still wearing body con review your life). Be prepared and comfortable!

3.)Big Purses are like babies. I had a friend in college tell me he never approaches women with large purses. Why? They are usually the responsible one holding all their friends junk and don’t like to have fun. Now this friend was a creeper so by all means bag it up if you see him! But at festival keep your hands and yourself open to have a good time skip satchels and designer bags you will have to guard it with your life ( much like a baby)and it really has no place at a concert ( also like a baby), and go for crossbody style bags, or back packs with room for the essentials. PMILK- Phone,Money,I.D,Lip Gloss.Keys and of course tickets wrist bands ETC.

Look 1: Rock Festival Look : Inspired by Haley Williams of Paramore and the Hotties at  Edge Fest 2014./

Rock Festival

Big crowds mean lots of walking around and being prepared for anything  grab a tote bag and make sure you have an extra T-shirt when you extra sweaty head banging and crowd surfing, Leggings or shorts work well at these events so you can keep moving around without worrying about your skirt riding up. Boots are a necessity so nothing gross gets in your toes as you walk around outside and will protect your little piggies when crowd surfing and mosh pitting.

Look 2: Country Fair Inspired by Whiskey shootin’  ladies at Billy Bobs in  Ft. Worth

Country Fest look Inspired by Taylor Swift

With Country Legend George Strait preparing to perform his last show ever at Cowboys Stadium and fun annual events like Country Fair . Cowboy boots aren’t just adorable they are functional giving you just right heel height  to go with flowing dresses without being uncomfortable .. Graphic tees’s are also a fun way to make a staytements at shows.


Look 3 : Art or Fim Festival: Inspired by Denton Hipster girls

These events tend to be more relaxed and involve a lot of opportunities to enjoy are and interact with the artist I chose these simple but fun pieces to show off your love of art in all forms and great sense of humor. Keep colors minial as not to clash with your bright turquoise hair and piercings. Or if you like to add girly touches to your look a buttoned up blouse can be sexy when paired with a skater skirt.

Look 4 Hippie Festival: Inspired by The crazies at Coachella

hippie festival look


This can be anything from Coachella if you’ve got the big bucks to Austin City Limits but if you love to connect with nature the pics are all about showing off your love of the outdoors and your lack of inhibitions. There are staples such as Floral head dresses, floppy hats, destroyed denim, and crop tops but if you want to be truly authentic hit up your local thrift store and buy everything a size up grab some dye, scissors razors and fabric glue and go nuts!

Check out Vlogger and Beauty Guru Andrea’s Choice with her home made shorts. Adrea’s choice is an account I highly recommend following for festival survival tips and general amazingness!

Thinking of D.I.Y’ing it? Check out Vlogger and Beauty Guru Andrea’s Choice with her home made shorts. Andrea’s choice is an account I highly recommend following for festival survival tips and general amazingness

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