Lust List Presents: Beauty 101 Basics for All Ages!

It’s a new school year and whether you are a tween just starting out or a grown up looking for a fresh start let’s talk beauty basics in this week Lust list most wanted beauty products in 5 easy steps…

1.) Face Facts:

Tweens N Teens: Don’t skip makeup remover when most teens complain that “makeup broke them out” it’s actually makeup residue mixing with dead skin and oil. Get your skin nice and clean with a gentle daily cleanser and  Prevent and treat acne flare ups  withMario Bendascu’s (Ulta stores prices vary) drying lotion on on pimples that flare up use an oil free spf and lots of water and skip caffeine it causes inflamation and he! you’re  under 18  you don’t have real problems yet anyway.

Grown ups: Treat your eye area right: The eyes move thousands of times a day and are 10X thinner then the skin on the rest of your face. Wear sunglasses, watch your alcohol intake don’t skip eye cream and while your at it don’t forget sunscreen and night cream.(Bare Minerals moisture eye cream 23.00 Macy’s stores)

2.) Cover your bases:

Tweens N Teens: start simple Foundations aren’t  always  with young skin. Try Mineral based powders Ruby Kisses talc free mineral powder  (3.99 at Beauty Supplies) is great and comes in a plethora of colors. For dryer skin try tinted moisturizer.

Grown Ups: Get the most out of your makeup by choosing long wearing formulas such as MAC’s long wear  (35.00 MAC and Nordstroms) and pairing them with producs to smooth out imperfection such as loreals miracle blur

3.) The Eye’s Have it!

Tweens and Teens. Eye liner and mascara and occasionally play with eye shadow glitter matte sparkles have fun now. and please don’t over pluck or wax your brows while there still fun and bushy. When your younger your eyelids can be very oily start with a solid base to get shadows to stick  try (LA Cosmetics eye primer 2.50 Beauty Supplies).

Grown Ups.

Be gentle to your eye area try gel liners for smooth neat lines. ( Bobbi brown 32.00 Neiman Marcus) Shadows are fun but try not to over induldge in glitters and shimmers without an anti aging primer. Don’t over indulge in lower lashes liner which can cast a dark shadow and looks worse.

4. Lunchtime Proof Lips

Tweens & Teens- age appropriate and inexpensive I am obsessed with Butter Glosses from NYX ( 5.99 Ulta stores) Try Angel Food Cake, Praline and Tiramisu.

Grown Ups- Stop being afraid of color! Embrace Reds and plums this fall tip exfoliate first with E.LF Lip exfoliater (3.00 Target stores) and don’t forget Lip Liner.Urban Decay Universal Lip Liner (20.00 Sephora Stores)

5.) Extra Credit!

Teens N Tweens- Chances are your skin gets red from time to time so blush may not be necessary but to finish the look with foundation add a little  Soft Blush. E.L.F mineral blush

Grown Ups- Contour the smart way with matte brozers E.L.F mineral bronzers. Quick and easy tip: Use and Angled brush and make an E shape on the sides of your face hitting the temples, cheekbones and Jaw lines.

What are your every day basics? Comment below and let us know follow us on twitter or myself directly @jasmineEmedia.