Make October A Real Treat!

October brings out everyone’s playful nature and creatures of the night come out to play. Who knows, maybe this year they will bring a new style of pick up line like, “What’s your blood type baby?”

That’s right you can tell a lot about a person by their blood type, drink this in!
Blood Type A’s are the Artistic types with strong core values many of whom are Vegetarians. But don’t squeeze the peaches too hard, they are quite sensitive. Best blood buddy is a type AB!

Blood Type B’s, Hello social butterfly. When you set your sights on someone or something, watch out! Even when you regret a snap decision, you fly on to the next sweet flower and happily chill. You are very independent, but also love great company and relationships. Your best blood match is also AB.
AB’s, your stunning looks and desire to have it all make for a feisty, fun filled and sensual life! You are drawn to the unusual and love adventure. You are high energy and love the night life. Good thing, you are a blood match for A, AB, B and O!

Oh O’s, the oldest blood type by the way and by your thoughts the very best. You relish beauty and living comfortably. The world is your canvas and honor, devotion and truth are your understated color palette. Choose your blood tie wisely between another O and AB.

‘Burahara’ (The study of matching blood types to/personality/Relationships)
Is widespread in Japan, particularly which combinations are best for romance!
Women’s magazines run scores of articles on the subject, and best-selling self-help books on this subject line the shelves in Japan.

Blood type is sometimes even used professionally as well, to determine if a person is compatible with a particular job.
The last Prime Minister, Taro Aso, even put the fact that he was a type A in his official profile on the internet.

Go ahead; sink your teeth into this new dating technique.
Maybe instead of a match made in heaven, it’s actually in the blood!

Libra September 23/October 22/Air Sign –/The Scales/Lucky Days: 6/12/18
Shine on Libra! This is your month to be noticed. Just driving around, running errands has
all eyes on you. Use yoga and meditation to boost your positive vibes this month.
Investments you have made in yourself, your business skills, and other investments pay off
this month, and into the new year. Use your charm to get around office politics, and moody
managers. If you are looking to buy a property, home or business, this is a good time to do
so. Your family remains on the forefront of your mind this month. They are positive factors,
and good sources of support at this time. Travel for business here and abroad will prove
successful. Overseas deals and alliances come your way.

Scorpio October/23/November 21/Water Sign/The Scorpion/Lucky Days: 7/11/19
You could have an old flame spark back up bringing excitement into your life this month.
You will also resolve old wounds between family and friends. This makes life easier as you
go into the holidays. It was just a misunderstanding all along. Moving forward don’t assume
anything. Ask when you aren’t sure. Your health and energy levels are positive giving you
lots of stamina to take your physical goals to the next level. You will have good luck with
loans if needed to get into a new living situation. Move forward with confidence on new
work projects. You excel in anything academic this month. This is a great month to take
trips with the family or loved ones.

Sagittarius November 22/December 21 Fire Sign/The Archer/Lucky Days: 1/7/14
Romance is the main event this month for you. You may even find new love out of town or
on a trip. Your lover takes things to the next level and you enjoy every wild bit of it. Around
the home front things are relaxed and easy this month. All this happiness at home and in bed
has you ready to tackle a new fitness routine or take up a new sport. You are ready to be
your best self now and you succeed. At work you have the support of colleagues when you
need it most. Don’t shy away from public appearances, you need to be seen this month. Not
only is love easy to acquire this month, so is a new property!

Capricorn December 22/January 19/ Earth Sign/The Goat/Lucky Days: 8/12/16
You have been patient and making romantic gestures that finally pay off this month.
Remember the less you worry about things that will likely never happen, the less stress you
build in your life. A trip overseas is in the near future and would give you a needed new
outlook. A helping hand at home will make your life easier and you will have more time to
pursue your creative talents. Long awaited funds start to flow in making needed big
purchases possible.

Aquarius January 20/February 18/ Air Sign/The Water Bearer/Lucky Days: 3/9/12
You find a new love this month and it awakens you like never before. Something is really
special about this new relationship. In fact, you might want to start saving for a special event
in the future. You will share the love of travel and plan new adventures together. A close
friend or family member has cause to celebrate this month and you are so proud for their
success. If you are looking to sell your home or car, this is a good time to do so.
Your school or work performance will go better than you expected. You will be given more
responsibility at work, take it on and shine!

Pisces February 19/March 20/Water Sign/The Fishes/Lucky Days: 5/12/18
This month travel can be both fun and profitable! You may meet someone special on the
road. Romance comes your way this month from every direction. You achieve harmony at
home and on the work front. Stay focused on your academic and work goals this month.
You will bring in new successes in both. Start new projects and new fitness routines. You
finally put your dreams into action. You will want to get several bids before doing home
improvements to make sure to get the best deal and repairman.

Aries March 21/April 20/Fire Sign/The Ram/Lucky Days: 2/7/9
Mix and mingle at parties and events to make those important business and romantic
connections. Keep your diet balanced to give you all the energy you will need to keep up
this month. Your hard work gets noticed and brings in added funds, but you still keep
pressing ahead to increase your savings. Your family life is happy, and they bring you great
joy. You aren’t in the mood to travel this month, and focus on friends, family and, home.

Taurus April 21/May 21/Earth Sign/The Bull/Lucky Days: 9/12/18
You enjoy great times gathering with family and friends this month, but what you really
want, is to spend all your time with your love interest. Don’t worry, you are a great match,
and they won’t be going anywhere soon. Your health is excellent, and you have found ways
to manage your stress. Your work is positive, and your financial outlook is very good. Your
aspirations are coming true, but not as fast as you would like. Be patient. Success is on the

Gemini May 21/June 21/Air Sign/The Twins/ Lucky Days: 7/18/20
This is a good time to spend more focused energy on loved ones. You have been working
way too hard and missing out on special moments with the ones closest to you. You realize
the greatest rewards are not financial, but personal relationships. Try a new type of exercise
to keep you on your fitness routine. You have great financial success and new earning
opportunities coming your way. You may want to postpone travel for a bit and relax at

Cancer June 22/July 22/Water Sign/The Crab/Lucky Days:15/22/24
You need to spend plenty of attention on your romantic partner this month. Let the
relationship progress at its own pace. Don’t try to rush things. Enjoy the adventure of new,
or renewed love. Spend more time enjoying the outdoors, and maybe go camping. Nature
will inspire your artistic endeavors. Your health is great, and you feel ready to take on
anything. Your career and finances continue to improve this month and into the next.

Leo July 23/August 22/Fire Sign/The Lion/Lucky Days: 8/16/19
Travel and charm help smooth out troubles with your lover. In fact, this month is filled with
romantic interactions! You are feeling more energized than ever and ready to tackle your
work and personal goals. This is a good time to invest. Those in charge at work can be
difficult the first part of the month. But things soon go back to a happier state. An increase
in earnings are a positive indicator of better times ahead. A family issue may need to be
tackled diplomatically.

Virgo August 23/September 22/Earth Sign/The Virgin/Lucky Days:12/14/18
October brings understanding and a deepening love to Virgos. You continue to shine on the
work front, and money continues to flow in. This is a blessed time for you at work and at
home. You have better health this month and find ways to reduce your stress. Family and
home is the main focus this month. Spend time in your creative and artistic pursuits.