April 26th in Dallas: Rooming and Running with Zombies by Teal Gray


Rooming and Running with Zombies

by Teal Gray
We have all heard the old saying ‘you are running around like a Zombie”.
Well that can be possible for you if you sign up for the DFW area fun run!
The Zombie Race is Saturday, April 26th 2014.

You run from virus-spreading, blood-hungry zombies through an obstacle course. Good luck!

There will be zombies and healthy humans running together at this weekend-long event. Enjoy the race, live entertainment, camping, and concessions.

Not feeling like running with the Zombies? Let’s keep it a little closer to home for you. How about Rooming with a Zombie? Remind you of your college days? Well now that your feeling nostalgic, why not share that room once more with your Zombie friend at a Room Escape Adventure!
Opening night is Friday March 28th in Dallas
Can you last 60 minutes with a Zombie in your room? You will have to try to escape with the help of other healthy humans using clues to escape.
The only way to escape is to share clues to the puzzle so play nice or might just lose your head, well at least your brains!
Teal Gray Zombie Hunter
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