Master Your People (& Other) Skills on Creative Live

Have you ever wondered how you can improve and build stronger people skills? Well, behavior investigator and author Vanessa Van Edwards is teaching a 30 day class about mastering people skills for FREE every week day on creative  Topics range from the art of conversation to conquering fears to networking to romance to business to leadership skills and much more.  Every day, the class is live from San Francisco, California from 11am-1pm cst (9-11am pst).  If you can’t watch during that time, don’t worry it re-airs consecutively for the day.  The next day at 11 am, the new class will begin. If you would like to purchase the class so you can watch any class, any time on demand, you can pay $129 and also get the workbook. (the price increases to $180 after a month).  With a rsvp, you can get extra information for free as well.

Catch the first episode here:

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and if you are looking for other classes, they are all free when they first air.  Learn about photography, art, film making, music, business, and crafts.  Check out their site here: