Mavericks NBA Draft Party 2014: Fly Me to the Moon

By Tessie Painter and Julia Brantley

Donnie Nelson opened the evening, singing Fly Me to the Moon! He has a great voice. Perhaps, his second career will be crooning! Why is Donnie so happy? The draft was boring for the Maverick’s because winners don’t get draft pics. Its hard to complain!

Coach Rick Carlisle followed Donnie with more of the same sentiment, sans the aria. We are all happy to have Tyson back; and looking forward to another great season. Dirk is happy, too! We love Dirk. We cannot talk about a lot that is happening; but we are happy about it. Of course we are happy! We are winners!

The party was great. Lots of great people from sports media were there to cover the draft. My daughter met some interns. Both sports media interns we met were young ladies. Sports media legends like Mike “M-Rod” Rodriguez and Chuck Cooperstein were there. According to the seasoned crowd, this was the slowest draft in Mavericks history… slow and happy… the price of success.

Maverick’s operations, technology, event planning and more were there! All of the people who get to do what they love for a living and get to do it around the sport they love… the happy Mavericks staff.

Tessie Painter
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