Mavs Evaporate Lakers and Look to Ice Rockets

Last night, November, 21, 2014,  in a bolstering 140-106 win over the Los Angeles Lakers, the Dallas Mavericks learned they now have a very key element. Most NBA teams that go on to compete on the top stage of the league, the NBA Finals, are loaded with a go-to impactful player. Naturally, the standout player leads the team in points and often provides serious help rebounding the basketball. However, the key player referred to here is the go-to defender. Last night as the Lake show rolled in. Although the historically renowned organization is not off to their usual start, Kobe Bryant still poses a serious threat to any opposition attempting to win the game.

Coach Carlisle was well aware of Kobe Bryant and the potential he has to change the outcome of a season, let alone one basketball game, all by himself. Check out all of what Coach had to say in his post-game press conference below. The Mavs gave the extremely difficult task of defending the future Hall-of-Famer Bryant to the newly welcomed Chandler Parsons. Eureka! Although both Coach Carlisle and statistics agree Kobe had an “off night,” Chandler Parsons may very well take the credit or throwing Bryant off his mark. Listen to what Parsons had to say about his performance and the defensive challenges he is willing to confront from his post-game interview posted below.

Off game or not, Chandler Parsons and the Mavs displayed a performance that would most likely put any opposing team on the losing side of a game with the scoring they provided. After the second quarter, at any given time the Mavs players on the court outweighed Lakers players three to one in the scoring column. Any squad that shoots 62% from the field including 51% from three land will find ease in taking home a victory for the night. Especially when three of the top scorers end the game with over twenty points a piece followed by five more players scoring double figures. Posing the ability to launch a well balanced scoring ability and an affinity to share the ball (37 team assists), and now finding the stellar defensive ability in Parsons to not only shut down one of the league’s premier scorers while being the team’s second highest scorer, the Dallas Mavericks appear to be growing stronger and stronger as a serious western league contender.

Tonight the Mavs look to lace up their shoots in a quick turn-around trip to Houston to see if they can post similar efforts as last night. The Rockets may be looking to rebound themselves from what some are calling a “give away” loss against the Lakers a few days ago. Carlisle, Parsons, and Novitzki (Post-game interview posted below) all agree the reunion of Parsons to Houston may be a bit emotional as he spent his last three years of NBA basketball playing for the Rockets. Tonight, November 22, 2014, at 8:00pm we will see if Parsons and the Mavs can streamline that emotion along with the successes of last night into a focused and properly executed victory over the Rockets.