May 15th to June 1st Horoscopes

April 21 –May 21
You are a charming ball of energy the next few weeks. Harness this and make it work for you in every area of your life. Don’t forcefully take charge, but gently direct the outcome of an issue or problem. People will follow your lead, understand your logic, and support your solution. The month wraps up with a positive change in your finances and your health!

May 22 – June 21
Let other people have a chance to pamper you the next several weeks instead of you doing it all yourself. It’s time to be calm and do some inner reflecting on your life goals and what you need romantically. The 21st Full Moon brings out the mysterious and sexy side of you. Enjoy this more playful time in your life, and carry it forward into June.

June 22-July 22
You are not always comfortable in the limelight but get used to it, your popularity soars the last two weeks this month. Smile and get ready to make lots of new friends.  May 21st Full Moon brings you back to your center. You are more in touch with your emotions and desires now. Try to bring more physical activity into your life now. It will give you a jump on summer wellness, and have you looking great. Get ready for a big sexy wrap up to the month!

July23-August 23
Everything is going your way regarding work and finances. This is a great time to start a new project or move forward with ideas already in progress. Expand your responsibilities and increase your value with co-workers and bosses.  Connections are made and used to your advantage. The next several weeks have you widening an already big social circle. You have all the attention and good will anyone could ask for now, so press forward with plans. Travel and fun times are ahead.

August 24- September 23
“Go big”, is you theme the next several weeks. You are with notable people and people take note of you and your intelligence and charm. Tackle all the big tasks in front of you then take off on a big adventure or vacation, you deserve it and make it happen without breaking the budget. May 29 could start out rocky, but everything gets smoothed out and falls into place. You are pulled in many directions , pamper yourself and destress, you deserve it.

September 24-October 23
Travel and excitement gear up in your life now. You are living the dream. Obstacles and changes that would be hard for others to deal with are easy for you to deal with and move forward from. Your career and finances continue to improve and you are feeling like you have a solid base to work from now. Branch out and try new things. New love or deepening of a romantic relationship is happening now. An ordinary trip or outing could turn very romantic!

October 24-November 22
You are feeling a pull to connect on deeper levels in your friendships and in your love life. You want to move forward in life surrounded with love and support and are making great efforts to make that happen. People are drawn to this new warmer side of you that you are showing. You are also recognized and rewarded in your career, as this area is blessed now as well.

November 23-December 21
This is a time of taking even small steps to improve the different areas of your life. Little changes in diet and exercise give your tons of energy and boost your mood. Daily life becomes more fun and satisfying by just setting your intentions for it to be so. You might not be too focused on romance at the moment, but it is focused on you! Pay attention, someone likes you and wants to take it to the next level.

December 22-January 20
Slow down and destress the next several weeks. You have been on a major push to make changes in your life, which is paying off. Let time take its course and bring good fortune to you. Your social life is brighter as summer comes into play. You are going to feel lighter after some family issues have now begun to clear out.  Make plans with friends, it is time to reconnect.

January 21-February 18
You are focused on renovating everything in your life. You start making changes for the better in your health, romance career and surroundings. You are making everything ready for a life you have dreamed of, and its working. Keep working your plan. Your energy and sex appeal is in high gear the next several weeks, go for it!

February 20- March 20
The next few weeks are a great time for you and your career and future income. Everything is lining up now for that long awaited success that gives you some breathing room financially. You will move up in your career and leadership comes into play. You are living the saying, “work hard, play hard.” You have to schedule time to be with friends and family and just unwind.  You cherish your time at home more now than in the past.

March 20- April 20
You begin to feel more settled and part of things. This will take some getting used to, but it’s time to embrace a new way of living. Less solitude and more joy is your mantra now. You interests widen and it is a great time to start a new course or join a group. Be more supportive and kind to others, and realize how your actions and moods affect their emotions and life. Your love life is better than ever now!

Blessings, Teal Gray