McKinney Avenue Contemporary: The MAC… Rebel with a Cause

By Tessie Painter

The McKinney Avenue Contemporary, at 3120 McKinney Avenue, wows Dallas with its wide array of unbridled, creative expression. Founder, Claude Albritton succeeded in his goal for The MAC to offer artists a venue to display and sell art of any discipline; and providing a forum for critical dialogue among artists and audiences. No artwork is forbidden.

You can’t miss the MAC. The bright blue building stands out in uptown, much like its art. Entering the MAC felt like entering a party venue, which it can be. Streamers and balloons, Cupcakery miniatures, cookies, champagne and beer welcomed me. The exhibits flow among their open rooms; providing both breadth and coziness. The design lends itself to events and parties.

Rising star artist, Mady Pechacek, presented another sensational and captivating piece featuring the musical artist, Prince. The untreated canvas and subtext coloring provide a ghostly presence, relaxing and tantalizing the senses, simultaneously.

Uniqueness abounds. Vincent of Dr. Cop’s Pop-Up Shop definitely placed with his crisp blue piece. At first glance, it is bright blue and attracting. Look more closely to the detail and see humanity, a reflection of the best in life. Keith Williams’ metalic modern provokes a pensive escape, with room for broad interpretation or none at all. Akirash brought his 3 dimensional golden Africanesque work from Austin, for the opportunity for appreciation.

The MAC attracts the educated, the eclectic, and the who’s who; offering a provocative place to see and be seen, and to discuss and be heard. The art stimulates conversation; and would make for a great venue for a date!

If you are looking for unique art, the MAC will deliver. The art is as diverse as the eclectic group of artists. From professors to physicians, photographers to writers, teachers to dancers, accountants to sales professionals, the MAC provides a space for unique and unbridled artistic expression to breathe and provide a fresh breath to anyone who enjoys the escape and stimulation art provides.

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