Moe’s Southwest Grill comes to Dallas- DEJ takes it for a TasteDrive!

Theres love at first sight and then there’s love at first bite.

And that wonderful phenomenon  is what I experienced when I got to check out Moe’s Southwest Grill. The afternoon started off nicely as we made our way to the downtown location. Just a block away from the historic Down town Neiman Marcus  a few blocks away from Deep Ellum, Moe’s Southwest grill is cool  place to stop in for lunch or dinner that offers something different than other tex mex chains. When you first walk in it’s the ambiance that will make you smile the  energetic staff is quick to explain all of the differences between the types of burritos , bowls,tacos,nachos ,quesadillas and salads.

Eating at Moe’s is a little bit like those “Choose your own adventure” books we all read as kids. There’s at least two variations on everything you can possibly order, so if you are quite particular like myself you will be in heaven. I was impressed by all the variation not just soft or crispy shells. but protein options such as steak, tofu and seasoned pork. I usually hate pork but I was pleasantly surprised by the poignant yet not over powering blend of spices used to cook the all white mean pork.  The worst part of the trip was probably making those life changing choices  known as ordering lunch. I ordered a Stack at the Suggestion of Manager Ronnie , and was not disappointed. What is a stack you ask?  The stack is a heaping helping of food the same concept as a burrito but with a flat tostada shell inside to separate the layers of food I made ,mine a deluxe with grilled peppers, onions ,cilantro and Moe’s famous Queso. .The infamous Queso  is a traditional queso blanco that perfectly compliments the foods. The food is as fun to eat as it is to watch being prepared,  Sonia the cheery employee behind the counter  perfectly rolled the burritos. They even hold up without the foil. Impressive. On the Menu there are different versions of the food categories all named after quotes from movies my Stack is actually called a “Wrong Doug” inspired by the “Hangover” movie franchise and I can tell this would be a great post party meal. My photographer got a burrito made with  steak which he described as well seasoned and just right. Besides great foods. Moe’s offers an impressive Salsa Bar with sauces that range from mild to Hot-but-not-scalding and they make there own sauce daily the DEJ Staff favorite was the tomatillo . My last stop was the magical drink machines with thousands of choices, now I know a soda machine is probably not supposed to be included in a food review but I like shiny new things and lot’s of choices, In fact that summarizes what I like about Moe’s most. Tons of options ,fast courteous service and food that delivers in quality and taste I give it two forks up!

Moe’s is a chain restaurant that began in Atlanta back in 2001 since then new franchises have popped up allover the sounth. The down town location makes the first to hit Texas within the next 4-5 years the company plans to expand 30stores throughout the metroplex in Dallas and Tarrant county.