Neutronic’s Netflix Picks [action]

OK, what’s up Dallas lets get to it! Wanna know a brilliant way to save money if you’re on a budget. Netflix currently has 6,910 movies and 10,374 streaming titles, which includes television shows and surely some of your favorites. Rather its something educational and entertaining for the kids you seek or something consciously stimulating for yourself, Netflix has pretty much anything your looking for. 

The only problem with Netflix, is how to decide what to watch! Fortunately for you, you have me! Each month I will create 2 brilliantly inspired Netflix playlist you can cue up and watch at your leisure and I will even take theme suggestion from my adoring public. You may send all theme suggestions and other comments related to my post to my email: .

This list might be rather controversial but I doing it anyway. In honor of what is sure to be an epic black history month I call this list #BlackPower! Obviously no racism intended, but the theme of this playlist is black action stars, and in some of these flicks, the black guy is actually a wholesome character! Like in the 1st movie I wanna suggest: “Blood & Bone” staring actor, Michael Jai White who also did a good portion of the fight choreography.

netflix picks black power